A little history.

I’ve been a Witch since I was 9 after a very large Angel insisted I was – I wasn’t going to argue. I grew up in the country so nature surrounded me. Something I never tired of exploring. My Uncle was a major gardener and I learned about many plants, how to care for them, plant them, and harvest them. Since then I’ve had a love of herbs, potions, brews, recipes, and the list goes on. I’m still learning but isn’t that the best part?

At age 16 I bought my first deck of Tarot cards and fell in love. I’ve been reading Tarot since and own more decks then I can keep track of these days.

I’ve been a solitary practioner for the majority of my life. I’ve also been part of couple of covens. I find both equally rewarding. I’m largely an introvert, so coven life can be a bit taxing.

Even though I’m an introvert I’ve set myself certain goals. The first one is being a resource for the local community. I live in a largely religious community in the middle of the bible belt. It can make life difficult, but I’m convinced educating the populace is key to finding common ground.

That is why I helped find the Pagan Council. The Pagan Council is a group of fanastically knowledgeable people willing to step up to the challenge of changing stereotypes. By being available to answer questions, do demonstrations and supporting the local community.

I firmly believe we cannot sit by and expect the world to change. We have to help it change.

Many people in the local community know I am a Witch. It is not uncommon for people to give out my number. I have strangers call me for herbal remedies, teas, guidance, tarot readings or just to ask questions. You can check out my store for more information: http://www.wilderthingsherbs.com

It is my goal, in everything I do, to help humanity. No matter their spiritual journey, back ground, sexual orientation, color, religion, etc. It doesn’t matter. If I can help, I will. As I grow this site, and it is slow going, I hope it helps at least one person.

My home is open, my garden ready, my ritual room prepared, and my hand extended.

Welcome Friends, and Blessed Be!


5 comments on “About

  1. RogueWitness says:

    Happened across your blog. Though I am more involved in ‘High Magick’ and also study of Tarot & Qabbalah as a member of BOTA (Builders Of The Adytum)… It’s nice to know I am not the only one in this area involved in magick.

    Tried Wicca back in the 1990s here, but Ceremonial Magick became my method of ‘The Great Work’

    Still have a soft spot for Wicca however… had many good times with someone else here who was involved…. back during the days of ‘Duck Pawn’ on overland in Scottsbluff. 🙂

    Blessed be…



    • wenwilder says:

      I studied the High Magick arts for a while. I still find them fascinating. Although I don’t run across many, locally, who know much about them.
      There is a Pagan Council locally working to put together some events, and provide educational services to the community at large. It would be nice to have someone with High Magick knowlege involved.


  2. RogueWitness says:

    Just emailed ya


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