Checking In

 We’ve been working to get a lot of our products actually placed online. Lots of taking pictures and writing and…work! We’re having a blast, but can’t wait until it is all listed. Take a look at a few of the items we have. The Cranberry Mandarin Carrot soap is fresh made last night and boy does it smell great!

Cranberry Mandarin Carrot Soap

Who can’t use a little Banishing Powder?

Our List of Natural Salves; handmade in our shop!

ADHD/Anxiety/PTSD Essential Oil Roll On for children and adults

Head it Off – Migraine Headache Essential Oil Roll On

Basically Achy – Tension Headache Essential Oil Roll On

Traditional Smudging Spray – for those places you can’t have smoke and fire

Cleansing Smudge Spray – for those stubborn places with excessive negativity

Can’t forget our Natural Home Cleaning Supplies

These are just a few of our items. This doesn’t include the hundreds of natural solutions we’ve specifically made for individuals. Menopause teas, cramp teas, thyroid roll on’s, pain relief ointments, salves and massage oils. Our pain relief ointment is locally known as “The Wonder Stuff.”

Our greatest joy is helping someone find a solution to a problem they thought they’d never solve. The one thing we hear the most is…”The doctor prescribed this pill…but it isn’t working.” We can’t promise we’ll have an answer…but we can promise our solutions won’t have horrible side effects. Check us out…


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