Wilder Things

I have been working diligently to get my store up and going.

That means…I have spent a lot less time writing. My blogs remain silent…including this one. You see, I’m not the type to just post a quick blurb. You’ve likely noticed that by now.

I don’t know what it is about quick blurbs that drive me crazy. I like a little meat in what I read….and write. Give me a book…an extended rant…a chronological accounting of  your family history…give me something to sink my teeth into.

That may be why I’m struggling with the store. Writing product descriptions…About Me pages… I can write a spell for anything in minutes. I can write a blog post about most subjects…rants are my favorite, I know. Ask me to tell you about myself in a brief blurb…and you might as well have asked me to write a Pulitzer worthy novel.

What do I say? What is it a person wants to hear? Inspirational gobbledygook? A sob story? What the hell I was thinking when I started this venture?  The why, the how, the what-for? What do you want to hear?

I’m a little bit wicked. I’m a little bit nice. I’m obsessed with herbs and herbal solutions. I don’t believe doctors have all the answers, and hand out far to many prescription medications for our bodies. Doctors have their place, and they are necessary. I have an existing list of products, but it grows with each request. If you have a medical issue the doctors has been unable to help relieve; I may have an alternative solution. I have almost a cult following of local people who have nicknamed my remedies “The Wonder Stuff.”

What is it I say? What would entice you to ask questions, scroll through the small list of products I have listed? I would love some insight!

Take a look at the site: wilderthingsherbs.com
Follow the hashtag: #wilderthingsherbs


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