A Call to Arms…sort of

when hope diesPolitics and religion.

Two topics best skirted in mixed company. At least, that is what I’ve always been taught. Being who I am though; I find them hard to avoid. In the world of this new president, Trump, I am the enemy: Female, bi-sexual, Witch, married to a woman. In Trump’s desire to “Make America Great,” again. My world views, life style, and belief system do not fit the mold.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
―Catherine of Siena

I am a pacifist by nature. I firmly believe each person deserves respect. That respect extends to their beliefs, lifestyle and world view. I can no more expect others to live up to my ‘picture’ of what they should be, then I can live up to theirs. This way of thinking is quickly verging on illegal with the new administration. There is an inherent sadness with this realization.

“We should try to leave the world a better place than when we entered it. As individuals, we can make a difference, whether it is to probe the secrets of Nature, to clean up the environment and work for peace and social justice, or to nurture the inquisitive, vibrant spirit of the young by being a mentor and a guide.”
― Michio Kaku

In a diverse and wonderful world, fear should never be a motivator. It is fear which guides those in power now. It is with fear I now view the future. My trepidation growing daily.

It is for this reason I ask the following…

A call has went out among the community to do two things.

  1. Light a vigil candle, nightly, to help light the way to true change, peace, and understanding.
  2. In the course of your practices, perform a binding to prevent the current administration from doing harm.

The world is in a state of flux. Minds which were once closed are now opening. The world view is changing. Guided more by love, inclusion, and peace. We cannot allow a few to derail all the good which has been accomplished.

We must believe one voice can make a difference. “We the People…,” need to speak louder. I started with the two steps above, and followed up by going to: https://impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org and signing.

I do not believe Trump means to harm. He is not evil, or bad, just archaic in his fundamental ideals. He is a small man, hungry with power and it is this hunger which must be tempered. For the good of all, harming none.

Blessed Be my friends!

And may the future hold more peace, and less fear.


4 comments on “A Call to Arms…sort of

  1. RogueWitness says:

    I don’t like politics. I view everyone getting into politics as ideologues who want to force their ideals onto everyone with a “one size fits all” attitude. But I will say this…

    With an expectation of diversity, comes the responsibility of full respect and freedom for others to express and live according to their own individual understandings of the laws of the universe.

    Using the hot topic of sexuality as an example…

    I believe an LBGTQ couple should be able to enjoy their relationship together as they see fit, without the imposition of straight people and their ideals. But I also believe that an LGBTQ business owner should have the right to, say, reject the service of making a wedding cake for a straight couple who walks into the store with no laws being violated. A person with an ideology should make it clearly known that the business is meant to serve others of the same ideology.

    In like manner, a business owned by a straight couple with a Judeo-Christian ideology of “one man and one woman” should be able to reject making a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, without any law being broken, since it goes against THEIR ideology.

    The same goes for religion. If a city, state, or nation was predominantly established by a given religion or metaphysical belief structure, it is wrong for any other structured ideology to impose upon it. For surely there exist other cities, states and nations which were established by those of the given ideology in which to congregate with others of like mind peacefully and joyfully.

    As for the United States, the nation belonged to nature religion-based natives. Though they weren’t Judeo-Christian as their conquerors were, they did in fact have an understanding of universal facts that they followed which, strangely enough, matched Judeo-Christian understanding.

    On the issue of sexuality, of you study native American history, you will be hard-pressed to find any widely accepted social position on LGBTQ flavored sexuality. They strictly adhered to the physiological fact that the male body was made for the female anatomy, and the female body was made for the male anatomy. They married as man and woman, procreated, and brought upon the earth great and numerous tribes as a result.

    As a magical people, their system carried polarity of the sexes into the metaphysical realm. Which is where the ideas of occult fact came from. Fire is an electrical male energy, while water is the magnetic female energy. Air was viewed as a union between fire (male) and water (female) which generated humidity and, in denser form… combined with Aethyr, bring forth the fourth element .. Earth.

    The only difference with Judeo-Christian belief is that they attribute the source of Aethyr to one solitary God rather than a series of different gods and goddesses. Though mainstream Judeo-Christian teachings are strongly paternalistic (male ‘He’ God only), there has always been (and still is) a small quiet number of Judeo-Christian mystics who understand that even with a solitary Divine source, there are feminine and masculine attribute belonging to that divine being.

    Anyway, the world would be so much better off if people would stop giving themselves over to extreme polarity (me vs them) by learning about what we ‘grey magicians’ call “The Middle Pillar”. Of course, to understand it, one must delve into Hermeticism that has been syncretized with Jewish/Hebraic Qabalah. In short, one outer pillar represents fire (male, hotness, electrical, severity) and the other outer pillar represents water (female, coolness, magnetic, mercy).

    The middle pillar is a perfectly balanced neutrality, symbolized by air, where both fire and water mix. Giving birth to the attainment of will and desire manifesting into concretE physical manifestation symbolized by offspring (Earth… the realm where will and desire become tangible).

    Of course, if both outer pillars were fire (male) or water (female), there could be no middle pillar (air) that blends the two giving birth to the physical (Earth). Which is why even the greatest magickal fraternities hesitate to accept those who choose an LGBTQ lifestyle, because such is not modeled in the great immutable laws of the universal powers.

    Now, returning to where I left off, having seen that people can be left to segregate and live in peace, we can now arrive at another great universal fact that can be proven for oneself…

    Polarized people can never be forced to live together in space or time. They are imbalanced somewhere in the Astral/Mental. Which then manifests in the physical.

    I know this news isn’t welcome by any religion or non-mainstream view on sexuality. But it is the truth nonetheless.

    The universe itself is composed of two very well defined polarities. Fire (electrical/male) and water (magnetic/female). And a container (air) as a mediator in which the two can join in balance. If you block out male and leave just female (and vice versa), the universe would immediately cease to exist. Period and end of story.

    From the religious standpoint, every religion can be categorized as having one of the universal sexes (fire or water) being a dominating factor.

    So Judaism and Christianity are dominated by fire (electrical/masculinity). Which can be easily noticed in their doctrine of strong paternalism at the expense of maternalism. Yet the religions are LESS paternalistic than Islam. Islam has a more dominant paternalism than do Judaism and Christianity. Thus, none of those religions will EVER be capable of living in a land, or even as next-door neighbors, peaceably.

    Wicca, Druidism, and other nature-based religions have water (magnetic/female) as a dominating force in their belief structures. At the expense of fire (electrical/male). As such, all three previous religions will seek to ‘penetrate’ the female ideologies, but will be forbidden. This, then, amplifies the polarities on ALL sides causing ever-growing hatred, anger, and despair.

    Now for the political…

    The U.S. was established to be a place where PATERNAL / Fiery / Male ideologies of Judeo-Christian people could live together. It was designed to be a melting pot where people from all other lands and nationalities could come and find commonality. So we had Judeo-Christian minded people coming from Germany, Britain, France, etc.

    Jews and Christians don’t like to hear this, but many of the founders were also steeped in the mystical side of things. Such as Freemasons and Rosicrucians. They aligned themselves with the need for universal truths to be followed. Fire (electrical/male) bring tempered by water (magnetic/female) with an offspring (Earth). Thus even the mystics revered physical marriage between a man and a woman as a microcosmic example of the universal macrocosm.

    Now, getting even MORE political…

    Obama was dominated by water (magnetic/female). This created an imbalance in the astral, attracting fire (electric/male) in all things to rush to him to ‘penetrate’ the female. Including the more fire/male oriented radical Islam. She spread open her legs at the fearful realization they would rape her if she didnt go willingly. Opening the ideological land to Astral rapists.

    Trump is dominated by fire (electrical/male). As such, he and his cabinet are now at odds with Islam. Because… homosexuality is not a universal energy or attraction. The “two males) now repel each other. But yet they do have a common ideology. Penetrate the more feminine ideologies to make them their own. So yes, women and female-based religious systems are now again at a point where she is going to be penetrated. Either willingly or by rape (from an Astral viewpoint that is).

    This is the problem with polarized people and beliefs! Put one into power, and it creates an attraction for the other ‘sex’ who will rush in in an attempt to dominate it. If the other ‘sex’ dominates it, and becomes overpowered, the roles switch. But if a make ideology has power on two pillars facing each other, there is a clash between the two like two wild bucks in a fight to the death over who is now going to dominate the female ideology that is a bystander waiting to see which will win to penetrate and impregnate her.

    I could present many other examples, but looking at the length of this, I do believe it will suffice lol


    • wenwilder says:

      Fantastic comment! Thank you

      I would never have looked at it from the stand point of High Magick. Granted my knowledge of High Magick ends at the LBRP. It does give me another perspective to explore. I thank you for that viewpoint.

      I have to admit the perspective I was viewing the exclusion laws from, is the view ‘one law leads to another.’ If we allow a law to be written protecting one belief system. Then we open it up to endless laws based on the roughly 29,999 other belief systems. Suddenly you no longer have a separation of church and state. One belief system should not impose laws over other belief systems.

      As an example, I could use my business. If I chose, I could say, “I will not sell to anyone following a Judaeo-Christian religion, because it goes against my beliefs.” At that point I open myself up to endless lawsuits. Mainly because it would not be a popular reason. Secondly, I’m sure, I would have to prove my belief system, and endlessly prove why the Judaeo-Christian religion goes against it. This same burden of proof does not fall on the Judaeo-Christian people. It is common knowledge the Judaeo-Christian belief system is a “Convert-or-Kill” deal; to borrow a phrase from Riddick. Granted it is not that extreme at this point in history, but at one point it was…it was also all inclusive at one point.

      My choice to not provide product or services to anyone of a Judeao-Christian belief would cause harm. That alone would go against all I believe. I would be saying, “Because of what you believe, how you live, the value of your life is less than mine.” And I cannot do it. Even in theory, it breaks my heart to say it. I vowed to ‘Harm None’ by action, word or deed. Laws that exclude any group, or person, are all about harm. If you can tell me how they are not, I will gladly listen.


      • RogueWitness says:

        The key to understanding is that in today’s society, at least in first-world and/or ‘Western’ nations societies, there are plenty of businesses and services operated by all different kinds of people. In any given city or town, there are Christian-owned businesses that can serve fellow Christians. There are generally, at least in medium to larger cities, Jewish bakeries and stores selling Kosher items. There are also Islamic stores selling Halal products. And just about all smaller towns, as well as large, have at least one or two small home-based businesses operated by those of a Pagan persuasion who can serve one another.

        Just as one might see that it harms another person if one chooses not to provide service to them because it steps on one’s deeply held spiritual belief, one must also realize that when there are other places to obtain goods and services from like-minded people, yet the person deliberately visits the other, that is also a direct cause of harm against the SPIRITUAL aspect of the other person.

        So looking back at the wedding cake fiasco some time ago, there were other locations where the dear Lesbian couple could have gone to have a wedding cake made. If there were no stores explicitly operated by an LGBTQ businessperson, there are at least locations operated by people who likely have no religious or ideological beliefs whatsoever. Secular. Who would have no qualms serving anyone of any religion or ideology for the sake of making a buck. To such people, a dollar is a dollar, and there is never enough of that beautifully-printed green paper 🙂

        If a Christian couple know there is a Christian business in an area, or at least a nearby area or town who could serve their needs, yet they decide to stir trouble by deliberately going to a store operated by someone with an LGBTQ relationship in an attempt to threaten (under force of law) them against their will to provide a good or service, that customer has directly inflicted inner harm to those people. Spiritual harm is every bit as real as mental harm or psychological harm. Thus, in this case, the Christian couple has caused injury to the LGBTQ business person/clerk.

        In like manner, if an LGBTQ couple do the same to a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic couple, the injury was deliberate. Especially if taken to the court systems (same applies to the previous example). That makes it deliberate harm in the absolute.

        Though things like wedding cakes aren’t a good candidate for shipping by UPS/FEDEX/USPS by any means, most goods can be purchased anonymously via the web today. But in the case of pastries, cakes, baked foods, and other perishable food items, one can purchase them at stores where employees know they are bound to serve the general public regardless of beliefs. Places like Walmart tend to attract more secular/atheist minded folks to work in their stores than any other philosophy or belief.

        There are causes of harm people inflict on others without knowing it. Let me return to the elements yet again.

        What most people outside of deep Hermetic occultism aren’t aware of, is that the elements of fire and water actually have FOUR poles. Two constructive, and two destructive. In reality, they are only two poles, but each pole has a duplicity of action.

        Fire (electrical) has both a positive and negative pole that act constructively, and a positive and negative pole that act destructively. Water (magnetic) has constructive positive and negative, as well as destructive positive and negative poles. Essentially, then, the two primary elements which descend directly from the source, are “quadripolar” in essence. And since they are directly emanated by the source itself (or Himself or Herself, however the individual likes to think of it), it also proves that the Divine Source of All is also quadripolar.

        What may seem well-intentioned by the magician (or even a non-magicians thoughts even) for another person, or even themselves, can end up causing the opposite result.

        Society today seems to have this “I want this from everyone else for the benefit of myself, and I don’t care how it makes the other person feel, or how it harms that other person” forced attitude. We see it every day. Forced taxation. Forced vaccination. Forced medication. Forced incarceration in a mental ward just because a person doesn’t live up to what society expects that person to be. Forced religious conversion under threat of violence or monetary sanctions. The list could go on and on. And it always leaves the recipient of the forced actions feeling violated, marginalized, and injured on one… or all three… aspects of the person: Spiritually, Mentally, and/or Physically. Vaccination is a great example. I recently read a quote by one of the original founders of the idea of vaccination who literally stated that there is no such thing as a vaccine that does no injury, no matter how slight, for every vaccine contains things which cause at least a small amount of damage, or in the case of different body chemistries, larger amounts of damage. But even so, the belief is that the benefits to society as a whole negate the small cumulative damages done to the individual over a lifetime.

        In like manner, a person or group might consider it a win for the greater cause of his/her OWN beliefs or desires when a legal challenge essentially wipes out the ‘offenders business’. But at the end of the day, that person or group has accumulated a karmic debt that will indeed be required of them to repay one way or another later in life, or in the hereafter because it caused a measurable injury to the victims of the lawsuit, threat of violence, etc.

        Christians who force their ideologies upon other people are accruing a nasty karmic debt that will need to be repaid at some point, to their own detriment. Same with Islamists, Jews, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc. Any who attempt to FORCE others who don’t agree, cause damages that accrue negative karmic debt. They may win in the material realm all that they desire, but in the end they lose thrice (or perhaps sevenfold) from their karmic accounts. ALL who don’t pay any credence to any of this will indeed be very (unpleasantly) surprised at the end of the road.

        It is for this reason that Hermetic/Qabalistic magickal practitioners who rightly practice (not abusing or profaning) the arts, seek to reach the ability to operate as the middle pillar between the pillar of severity and the pillar of mercy. Which is why Hermetic/Qabalistic magick is said to be more potent than low magick methods. Because the “law of diminishing returns” in being polarized are limiting to anyone desiring to make a major Astral impact in the arts.

        Wow, I wish I would work on making my methods of conveying information shorter. Sorry for things being so long.

        Et L.V.X.
        Fra. K

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  2. RogueWitness says:

    Oh, and by the way, if the LBRP is the farthest you’ve gone into High Magick, consider yourself lucky. I have damaged real-world items in my household by delving too deeply into rites and energy work I had not correctly prepared myself before. I will never forget the night two years ago when I experienced a rapidly heating room that got so hot, my skin was red by the time my ritual time was finished. At the end, all the heat rushed to the center of the room, flew up over the double-cube altar, formed a ball of light that literally exploded. There was so much static produced, that my hair looked like I had stuck my fingers in a light socket, and the robe I was wearing had what looked like little fireflies jumping out of the fabric and disintegrating. There was so much static!

    I found out shortly thereafter that my desktop PC, laptop, iPad mini, and cell phone were all dead. The discharge wasn’t contained within my circle as I had expected, and it fried most of my electronic devices.

    I learned the hard way not to delve too quickly or greedily into the High Magickal Arts without spending adequate time in learning and preparation. That is when I backtracked and started doing things correctly according to the Golden Dawn grades, and the time frames associated with each grade. Accomplishing/mastering what each grade was meant to accomplish in the human being before moving onto the next.

    It is said High Magick is like plugging into a 220-volt line when, in many cases, a single 1.5 volt AA battery will suffice. I laughed when I first read that.

    But I ain’t laffin’ anymore…

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