Honoring Lives Entwined

“Love and Friendship, Kin and Kind.
Ever in Our Hearts and Minds.
Magic made and Lives Entwined,
Thus we honor, Ties that Bind.”

I’ve learned to expect death between November and January. It puts a damper on the ‘Happy’ Holiday season. It tends to come in threes. Family, friend, and acquaintance. Some years, it skips family which leaves me thankful. Still, death darkening your doorstep leaves you contemplating your demise.

I’ve experienced death. I’m not afraid of its looming arrival. I won’t actively seek it out, and hope its arrival is far in the future. I also don’t mourn the loss of those who pass. We will meet again. I’m a firm believer a life should be celebrated.

We had the pleasure of knowing these wonderful people. Their lives touched our in ways we’ll never fully comprehend. We are better because of their contribution to who we are; should that be mourned? Yes, their passing will leave a hole within our lives. Yes, that phone call will go unanswered. The birthday card unsent. The laughter unheard, and conversation unspoken. It is these things we must honor.

Call the high school friend you’ve been missing. Celebrate birthdays of co-workers, friends, family and those who have no one who celebrates them. Laugh more, and speak more kindness. Light the candles in memory. Include the ancestors and all who have passed in all you do. Have those conversation. They hear you, and still care.

We learn from the loss. Even as our hearts break, our souls grow. We evaluate who we have become, and what we will leave behind. We write our wills and purchase burial plots. We accomplish what we’d otherwise leave to chance. It is the motivation and awakening of realization we need.

So cry the tears, mend the hearts, but do not let the darkness consume you. Look instead to the miracle of those who passed. Their wonder and greatness is our treasure. Let them always be part of your life.

I celebrate those who have recently passed. May the candle burn bright in your memory. You will continue to be a great treasure.

Blessed Be to All!


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