Un-Stalking the Stalked

when hope dies

Bindings are not my favorite thing.

I believe by binding a person we take away their chance to learn a karmic lesson. Having said that…I do believe bindings are necessary. We have a current case where not only I, but the cards believe a binding is in order.

I won’t detail the whole story but… there is a young lady who is being stalked. Not just stalked but tormented. The young gentleman’s actions are fit for an episode of Stalked. He truly makes me fear for the young ladies safety – both physically and mentally. Through it all though, she has remained the wonderful young lady you’d be honored to call friend.

So… the solution is the binding below. I welcome comments, questions, and feedback.

General Binding Ritual
Modified for a Stalker

Items Needed:

  • Pink Rose
  • Paper
  • White Ribbon
  • Poppet
  • Picture of person
  • Markers

Start by casting your circle.

In this place, this circle round
I consecrate the sacred ground
With golden light this space Surround
All power here contained and bound

From earth, the things that manifest
From air, the things of mind
From fire, the things that motivate
From water the souls refined

And yet no place or time there be
Between the worlds, my word and me
Welcome, ancient ones and see
This place is sealed, so mote it be.

Call your quarters. Start with North. Light your elemental candles. Here is what I generally use:

To the North, I call upon the guardians of the element of Earth.
Guard and Guide Me. Hail and Welcome

To the East, I call upon the guardians of the element of Air.
Guard and Guide Me. Hail and Welcome

To the South, I call upon the guardians of the element of Fire.
Guard and Guide Me. Hail and Welcome.

To the West, I call upon the guardians of the element of Water.
Guard and Guide Me. Hail and Welcome.


We call forth from time and space
The Ancients who protect this place
Angels, Sages, Spirit Guides
Stand beside us, be our guides


Is it our intention this night, to redirect negative energy
To make what has been wrong, right.
For the good of all, harming none.

*At this point we will need the pink rose, white paper, and bowl. The person trying to ride themselves of the negative person/energy will need to remove all the petals from the rose and place them in the bowl. Next they will need to write a description of the relationship problem on a small piece of paper. Once they are done, they’ll need to tear the paper into small pieces focusing al of their energy on the task of ridding themselves of the person. HPS or HP will then stir the petals and papers. Then hold the bowl out over the altar and have everyone place their hands above the bowl while chanting:

Goddess Freya, hear our plea
Help solve this problem gracefully
By your gentle love we ask
Guide us in this special task.

Now for the binding. I do not like to bind a person….unless they really, really need it. Instead I like to bind the negativity they send out. Encourage the universe to help them be a better person without them being able to harm others. So…this is what I use. I use a poppet with the person name written on it, or put inside it. If I use a cloth poppet I put a picture of their face in the place of the poppets face…if I have a picture. If I’m doing the binding for another person, I have them write what the person is doing wrong. This is great for stalkers! Once the poppet is prepared, I use a white ribbon to bind the poppet three times nine times, while saying the following:

We bind you (persons name)
Bind you to be the person you are meant to be
Bind you to do what matters, not what is easy
Bind you to find solutions to your troubles
Bind you to face your fears, and overcome them
Bind you to walk a path of truth and honesty
We bind you (persons name) for the good of all, harming none.

Once the poppet is wrapped, and it is time to tie the knot. I use this:

By the karmic power of three
This spell, tied and knotted be
To cause no harm, or return to me
As I will it, so mote it be

Then I place the poppet in a metal can and bury it where it won’t be found. Release your quarters. Starting in the North and working backwards:

To the North, I thank and release the guardians of the element Earth
Hail, and Farewell

To the West, I thank and release the guardians of the element of Water.
Hail, and Farewell

To the South, I thank and release the guardians of the element of Fire.
Hail, and Farewell

To the East, I thank and release the guardians of the element of Air.
Hail, and Farewell.

Then, release your circle. I am a creature of habit and always use:

Open now this sacred space
Send all energies back to place
Fare the well, and safe return
Let not our magick ere be turned

May you never need to use this binding.

Blessed By my friends!


2 comments on “Un-Stalking the Stalked

  1. Jen says:

    I don’t like bindings, either, but unfortunately it is sometimes necessary, you’re right. Persistent and malicious actions require a strong defense, & sometimes that means putting up impenetrable barriers between the perpetrator & their chosen target.

    I like your ritual very much, & think it’s worded beautifully. I hope the young lady finds her peace & some closure from this, & I hope the stalker learns the lesson that no one should be doing that to anyone else!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:


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