Impossibly Persistent Poltergeist!

I have been reading Christopher Penczak’s: The Mighty Dead.

I admit I’m a Christopher Penczak fan. Not because I base my Craft solely on what I read in a book. I do a lot less reading these days then I probably should. I enjoy Mr. Penczak’s books because of his approach to the Craft. It is not a rambling of rituals and ‘you have too’s.” He does provide rituals in his books but, he expands on the ritual – reason, intent, and science. For a logical over-thinker like me…that’s a gold mine!

The reason I began reading The Mighty Dead is because my grandpa has been hanging around. His presence is always preceded by the smell of cigars. If he really has something to say the smell can be overwhelming. So far, his appearances have been subtle.

The thing about his appearance though is…there is always a reason! He’s not one to just pop in and say hello. He is always on a mission. I admit I cannot always communicate with the deceased the way I would like to. Grandpa is no different. So… I picked up the Mighty Dead in hopes of clearing up the communication problem.

I found the book to be a wealth of information. Far beyond what I expected!

Now, I’m not here to write a review of the book. Although, if you can’t tell already, I would recommend adding it to your reading list. What I am here to do is to make you think.

We spend so much of our time working with the elements, gods and goddesses, spirit animals, totems, angels, etc. but we spend very little time with our ancestors. Samhain is the only time I really work to connect with them. Yet, the rest of the year they have things to tell us….show us…help us with…and we pay them no never mind.

And that is why grandpa is hanging around. He is stubbornly, and persistently, reminding me of my purpose. I am admittedly fighting against this purpose. I am a very ‘set in my ways’ solitary practitioner. I like my herbs. I like my alone time. I like my rituals practiced in my own place, at my own pace, for my own reasons, without complications or crowds. Yet…

I am, not so subtly, being pushed to a more leadership role. It scares me. I hate to fail, and this idea is full of hundreds of ways to fail. But…that same fear of failure also points out that if I don’t try…I’ve already failed. A double edge athame if I’ve ever seen one!

So what am I being pushed to do? Well, you may have noticed I added another page to the site. The Pagan Council page. Therein lies your answer.

The community I live in, while filled with more churches than gas stations, is seeing a growth in the Pagan Community. When you talk to any of this community they will all tell you the same thing: “There is not enough events for Pagans, and there is very, very limited ways to grow.” And they are right.

You will see prayer groups for rain during the summer months. You’ll see local churches holding soup suppers, and vigils, and other events. Even the local farmers have events. The local library holds hundreds of books, but only about 20 on Pagan belief systems.

We are a dustbowl when it comes to anything Pagan related. We have one, count them ONE, local store which sells Pagan items. Her stock is limited to only a few items. We only have ourselves to blame for this though. We’ve spent so long being afraid. Practicing in private, or in the backwoods, or in secret.

We’ve let the stereotypes run the show. We need to step out of the shadows and back into the world. We have just as much right to practice in the park, or hold Pagan Pride Days. We have the right to get a little wild and let our true nature show.

We also have an obligation to provide access to books, and teachers, and other leaders in the Pagan community to the youth. There are so many of them searching. By staying in the shadows we fail at upholding the one basic tenant we have… Harm None.

So…. There is my round about story on how my persistent grandpa has been prodding me to do more. And how, on many levels, I know he is right. Take a few minutes to read through the Pagan Council page. See what it is all about. It is still a work in progress….so please ignore any unfinished sentences or headers without information.

The council is growing fast, and accomplishing a lot. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me. You can catch me at,, and on Facebook at Wilder Things.

It is time we step out of the solitude and help those who are just as scared as we are to step out of the solitude.

Pagan Council GoFundMe Site



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