For Flu’s Sake!

The Flu has struck!

So has bronchitis, pneumonia, strep, and the full range of other ‘fun’ illnesses this time of year brings about.  I often wonder how much of it is brought on by our rush to make the holidays perfect. We get so wrapped up in the wrappings and trappings. The first thing we forget is to take care of ourselves.  I’d like to think I’m smarter than that but….nah, I’m just as guilty!

Instead of grabbing my cup of chamomile/green tea, with a small slice of ginger, I reach for the eggnog…with an extra dash of brandy of course! I did discover Jim Beam Honey is a great accompanying alcohol to store bought eggnog. Then again, I’m rather fond of it straight.

Anyway, off topic there. Back on topic…

Ginger is a great aid in preventing, and reducing, the flu. If you feel the flu coming on, or have a mild case of the flu, fresh ginger juice helps kick it in the pants. Dried ginger, in this case, won’t work. You will have to get fresh ginger root and juice it. It takes 1-2 pounds of ginger to make 3-4 ounces of ginger juice.

You can use the ginger juice in your tea. You’ll find it very hard to drink straight. Ginger can be a bit strong. I add it to a combination of chamomile, lavender, and green tea. Easy on the lavender or it will over power the rest of the flavors. Add some lemon, honey and a dash of cayenne in hot water and nothing will slow you down.

You can also take the ginger juice (3-4 ounces), combine it with lime (one quarter), honey (1 Tbsp) and cayenne (1/8 tsp). Add it to 6 ounces of hot water and drink up to 6 cups daily. I only use this when I reach the miserable point. You know the point. Where you know you’re sick but, you’re debating with yourself on whether you should drag your butt to the doctor or not.  The ginger juice combo saves me from making the trip.

If you like tinctures, you can do a combination of:

2 oz lomatium
2 oz red root
2 oz licorice
1 oz isatis

Take 30-60 drops each hour.

Unfortunately, I find this combination hard to swallow. It is just not as taste bud friendly as the ginger juice.

You can make your own antiviral tinctures by adding any of the following dried herbs to vodka:

Chinese skullcap
Isatis (Dyer’s Woad)
Astragalus Membranaceaus
Rhodiola (Arctic Root)
Strobilanthes Cusia
Forsythia Suspensa
Sophora Flavescens

We do like combinations of the herbs – mainly in tea form! Try skullcap and isatis with a little hot water and honey. We add a little strawberry, but we tend to be a little fruity!

Please remember, while the herbs listed above have properties which will help with the flu. Some of them do have side effects. Research them before you use them, and always purchase from a trusted source! Many of them can be purchased in tea form, pill form, and in premade tinctures.

And above all…see your doctor! Herbal remedies are great, but they are no substitute for a doctor’s care. Your health matters more!

We hope this flu season finds you healthy and happy, and very flu free!

Blessed Be My Friends!


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