Merry, Merry Christmas Contrary to Controversy



Yes, I said Merry Christmas. That seems to be the hot spot for some over the past two years. To say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays. To recognize one belief system over another. To risk offending one person by saying it, or offending them by not saying it. The debate rages on!

I say….I was brought up with this time of year being Christmas. I was brought up with Christmas being a magical day where a magical, jolly, round man flew through the sky. A set of magical reindeer pulling a magical sleigh. A sleigh filled with a magical bag which held toys for all the children of the world.

Then…I was introduced to the Christian belief system. Where I learned about a magical day where a virgin gave birth to a healthy, bouncing magical god boy. A day, foretold by magical angels, with trumpeting and singing.  One of the first times, in history, where the parents knew the sex of the child before it was born!

No matter what belief system you follow, you are celebrating magic on Christmas. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you looked up the word magic?

The definition of magic is:

mag-ic /’majik’/


the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


1. used in magic or working by magic; having or apparently having supernatural powers

2. wonderful; exciting 


move, change, or create by or as if by magic

The bible is filled with magic, and god is portrayed as a supernatural being. Before Christianity swept the world, the Pagan belief systems revolved around the supernatural. To this day, it still does! We still see things we can’t explains and consider them supernatural, magical. I can’t help but believe magic has a bad rap because someone stopped believing in it.

So, this Christmas season think about this….

Christmas is celebrated world wide. It has been Christmas to millions of people who do not associate the Christian meaning to it. Christmas is just another word which brings joy and magic to the hearts of many. This time of year is about celebrating each other, life, wonder, and magic…not just the birth of one.

So say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holiday’s, or Seasons Greetings, or…. just say something! Risk offending someone, because if they’re offended they haven’t found the true spirit of the season. It would take more than pixy dust and a cattle prod for them to ever find it!

And let me leave you with this…

Love and Friendship, Kin and Kind
You’re forever in my heart and mind
The Magic is made, our lives entwined
So we must honor, ties that bind

Blessed Be My Friends!


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