Everything is Popping Up Poppet’s!


Poppet! Poppet! Who has the Poppet!

We’ve recently started making Poppet’s in the store. Poppet’s, up to this point, were not real big sellers. In fact, like Witchcraft, they’ve had a rather nefarious reputation. The Poppet has become interchangeable with the voodoo doll. Both of which have been forced into the stereotype of evil, hateful, used for revenge, etc.

I saw the stereotype in action not too long ago. I was visiting New Orleans, the French Quarter. There is no place like it! I was in one of the many little shops along Bourbon Street getting my fortune told. These two ladies walked into the store, saw a shelf of voodoo dolls, and immediately turned around and walked out. As they walked out, you could hear them say, “I’m not going in there with those evil things! I can’t believe they’d sell such things!”

I have to admit I wasn’t impressed with the fortune teller. I’ve had better readings from a novice. When you tell me someone is going to die in six months…simply because I had the death card. I really have to question your ability to read tarot. Then again, I was in New Orleans, and while I know the history, I also know much of it is now strictly for tourist.

I was, however, very impressed with the shop keeper. The ladies who walked out, offended by the voodoo dolls, sparked a conversation with the other customers. He quietly explained the history of the voodoo doll, and its purpose. He didn’t mince words, and gave the other customers a chance to ask questions. It is that one act which will make me a return customer. Faulty fortune teller or no, I will be back!

The Poppet’s user is age old. They were, and are, a closely guarded secret. I know I’m hesitant to hand someone a Poppet without knowing their intent. In the wrong hands, or used incorrectly, a Poppet can be a dangerous tool. Used correctly though, they can be a saving grace.

Poppet’s are generally made from cloth. Any material will do. I’ve seen Poppet’s made from twigs and corn husks. You’d be amazed what you can create in a pinch! I tend to make mine with yarn. A cloth doll is nice, but if someone else makes it for you, it is really hard to fill it with herbs, etc. If you make it yourself, with the wrong material, it can be hard to write on it.

The yarn Poppet’s we make solve both of those problems! Even after they’re made, you can still fill them with herbs. If you write what you need on paper, you can put it inside the Poppet. If you’re like me and tend to write a book whenever you write…a larger piece of paper is a saving grace! Plus, you can still add hair, clothing, facial features, etc.

There are many reasons you’d make a Poppet – Protection, prosperity, luck, love, health, happiness… We tend to use them most for bindings – admittedly, this is NOT something we like to do, or recommend. Poppet’s can also be used for Banishings, in extreme cases, and again it is not something we recommend.

Our favorite reason to make Poppet’s is for Friendship. Each of our Poppet’s is blessed with health, prosperity, success, healing, and family. Then we bind it with the following:

Love and Friendship, Kin and Kind
Ever in our Hearts and Mind
Magick made and Lives Entwined
Thus we Honor, Ties that Bind

The Poppet’s are not taglocked. So, they’re not tied to any one person, place, or thing. If you ever purchase one, you can taglock it yourself. For those who do not know what taglock is – A taglock is the part of the poppet that links to the person you mean it to represent. In order to taglock a Poppet you would need a piece of the persons clothing, their handwriting, a photograph of the person, some of their hair, nail clippings, or bodily fluids. The more personal the item, and the more personal items you have, the stronger the taglock.

The more time you put into making/taglocking the Poppet the stronger the connection. Don’t forget to name the Poppet if it is going to represent someone. You can do this by repeatedly telling the Poppet who it is it represents.

This is where we’re going to throw in a strong Caution! Remember, this Poppet represents a person once you name it and taglock it. Keep it in a safe place!! What happens to the Poppet, happens to the person. You may not mean to cause the person harm, but if you get the Poppet to close to a flame…or the neighbors cat runs off with it because you filled it with catnip….you will never forgive yourself!

Once the Poppet has done its work Do Not forget to dismantle it! Remove the herbs, taglocks, etc. Dispose of them properly. Make sure any link between the Poppet and the person it represents is completely destroyed. Then cleanse the doll thoroughly!

Poppet’s can be reused if cleansed properly. It is not something we recommend, but then we tend to err on the side of caution. When in doubt, rule it out!

Most Poppet’s come in the shape shown above. Ours come as male or female. Eventually we’d like to include animal Poppet’s. There have been many times we could have used a cat or dog poppet to do a healing. If you know of a good way to make an animal poppet, drop us a line at wickedwitchmidwest@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

For now…

Blessed Be My Friends!


One comment on “Everything is Popping Up Poppet’s!

  1. Fairygal says:

    I personally LOVE poppets. They are just so useful! 😀 I like using cloth poppets, but I think clay ones are easier to make for someone who isn’t very gifted with sewing :<


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