A Little Wicked Wisdom

It is amazing to think…

I have been writing this blog, and a couple of others, for several years now. I write solely for myself, but really appreciate the readers I have. I don’t filter my writing to be politically correct, or socially acceptable. I believe both are a waste of time.

If we were to stand face to face and have a conversation; you would find I speak exactly the same as I write. I don’t change myself to suit others. This world is already way to full of people judging people. I don’t have the time, or the inclination to join the mass hysteria.

I am a small town, bible belt living, bi-sexual, Book of Shadows totting Witch. I stir up controversy the second I step out my front door. I fight multiple stereotypes every chance I get, but only with words. I don’t have a taste for violence – I wouldn’t be a Witch if I did. I am also not a pacifist. You hurt my family, kids, animals, or friends – anyone I care about and the hexes come out.

I know I will face the consequences of any negative actions I perform. Call it karma, the three-fold law, whatever you prefer. I try to keep my words soft, my actions softer, but I will not back down from a fight. Insults are just words. They generally don’t ruffle my feathers. And, if one wishes to discuss religion vs. spiritual beliefs I’m up for the debate.

However, I do not appreciate emails from bible thumping groups depicting me as the devil, and all that is wrong with society. I do not even tolerate such issuances in my daily life.

What is wrong with society, and the bible thumping crowd, can be defined in one word: Ignorance.

Infer I am a Satanist, Devil worshiper, purveyor of evil and I say, “Thank you!” I know a couple of Satanists, and a couple of Lucifarian’s – fantastic, caring, loving, completely non-evil people. To be counted among them would be an honor.

Call me Christian, or Catholic, and I take offense. I do not wish to be associated with religious belief systems which have spurned more death then any Satanic group. The foundation of these belief systems is solidly built on death. The historic deception, deceit, lies, and coercion used in solidifying the basis of these religions is sickening.

If the ‘faithful’ of these belief systems would truly research the foundation of their dogma…they would not blindly follow them any further. How do I know? I didn’t blindly follow.

To the group who so wisely emailed me. Who wanted to bring to my attention my short comings; how the devil was leading me astray. Who wanted to bring me to the light. Let me say this:

Your ignorance is showing, and it is shameful!

First, you know nothing about me. Second, you are not “the way, the truth, the light.” You are closed minded, deceived, and hopelessly lost to an idea. I feel sorry for you. You are what is wrong with this world today.

Since I dislike sweeping generalizations, and the last paragraph was full of them. Let’s begin with the first part – you know nothing about me.
I may be from a small town, but that does not make me ignorant. I did blindly follow your belief system….until I started questioning. I was told to “take it on faith,” but wasn’t a fool. So, I studied. Studied, ..and studied,.. and was ordained,… and questioned more,… and hated the answers I was given,… and was disillusioned by what I was being force fed. There is a reason they call it ‘Blind Faith.’

The bible…the lovely, fictitious book; culled by a council of corrupt, pagan influenced, self-righteous men with an eye on controlling the populous. Did only what their predecessors had done before them. They used existing religious practices to define your valued doctrine. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look.

The cross – the most ancient and exalted human ideograms of the Sun. SUN not SON. Recognized throughout the world, and celebrated as a symbol of life by Buddhists, Greeks, Amerindians, Egyptians, and Christians. The cross dates back to the Paleolithic era. That is pre-Neolithic….long before bible decide to use it.

The cross also represented resurrection of the Sun. Oh, there’s the spelling thing again! Sun, not son. Such a small thing – especially if you’re a group of men looking to control a populace. If you add in the representation of Egyptian Anhk, which is the Just-Man crucified. You start forming the picture of how they decided on the crucifixion.

Oh, and let’s not forget Osiris-Dionysus (1000 BC) – the pagan fertility god who suffered persecution, was nailed upon a crucifix, died, and later rose from the dead. It just happened to be the dominant belief system where Christianity first flourished. Coincidence? Artifacts portraying Jesus on a crucifix weren’t found until the 5th century. Prior to that time artifacts depicted Jesus as the fish, or shepherd, but never on the cross.

Felix Marcus Minucius, one of the early Christian fathers even discredited the whole idea Christians worshiped the cross. Declaring:

“You it is, ye Pagans, who are the most likely to adore crosses. Your winning trophies not only represent simple crosses, but a cross with a man on it.”

That is only the cross. One small part. I haven’t even touched on the four gospels. Four gospels…four seasons…that one is hard to miss. Then there is the whole male dominant part. A male council decides the “God” of the bible is male – shocker!

To many early cultures, prior to the succession of Judeo-Christianity, the celebration of birth to death was key. Ceremonial figure heads were female. The Goddess was supreme through 3000-1100 BC. Christianity insists this cycle is reversed – a dead man literally came back to life.

Multitudes invented tales of resurrection to lead people astray. Pythagoras’ servant convinced the Scythians he had risen from the dead. Pythagoras himself did the same in Italy. What about Rhampssinitus in Egypt? Don’t forget Orpheus among the Odrysians, Protesiaus in Thessaly and Heracles and Theseus.

To Roman historians Christianity was seen as a new depraved and deadly superstition. The Sophist historian, Eunapius of Sardis, even described the destruction when literalist Christians came to power. He recorded that the Empire was being confounded by a “fabulous and formless darkness mastering the loveliness of the world.”
Before Christ, Jesus Christ, the original dying and resurrecting Solar gadman was known by many different names:

• In the Greco-Syriac myth, Adonis. Worshipped by women as the beautiful fertility god. Yearly carnivals called “Adonia” took place at Byblos and abroad to commemorate his demise and resurrection.
• In Egypt, it was the goddess Isis and the resurrected Osiris.
• In Anatolia, he was the youthful godman Attis, the Sun/Son of the goddess Cybele, who died, and three days later returned to life.
• In Babylonia, he was Tammuz worshiped by the goddess Ishtar. In the Old Testament, his disappearance is even mourned by the women of Jerusalem (Ezek. 8.14).
• In Greece, it’s the Thracian god Dionysus in honor of the goddess Demeter and Persephone. His fanatical priestesses were called Maenads. In Rome, they were called the Bacchantes.

I could keep going, but I think this post is long enough. I’m happy to talk with anyone via email, or otherwise. I am happy to listen to what you have to say. Just know that you will not convert me, or convince me. I am far too old, and have done far too much research.

That is why I do not follow a religion. I follow a spiritual path. I am polytheistic, no monotheistic. And I encourage everyone not to be blind followers. If you want some reading material pick up some of the following:

Pagans and Christians: Gus diZerega
The Christ Conspiracy: Acharya S
The God Gene: Dean H. Hamer
The God Delusion: Richard Dawkins
Beyond Belief, The Secret Gospel of Thomas: Elaine Pagels
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene: Jean-Yves Leloup

Do not let anyone, including me, tell you what to believe. Use that wonderful brain of yours and decide for yourself. Then do not expect others to believe as you do. Their life, their experiences, their surroundings, the events in their lives, are completely unique to them – and it is those things which have led them to the path they chose. Let them walk that path – judgment free!

Harm None and Blessed Be!


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