In Blackest Night, and Furriest Day


It is almost Halloween and my house is upside down…as usual!

The past three years at my house have been interesting. It all started on Halloween day 2012. I was sitting quietly in my living room watching something-or-other on TV. I wasn’t paying attention to anything going on around me. I couldn’t have told you what the neighbors were up to or even if they were home. I couldn’t even tell you if I was truly paying attention to what I was watching. Then it happened…

I heard this sound. This strange, mournful, LOUD sound. So, I started listening closer. I turned down the TV, walked around the house, listening the whole time. Then it dawned on me where the sound was coming from. It was coming from outside! I ran outside to find the source of this poor, pathetic sound. And there, in the corner of my backyard, curled up in a tiny ball and making a heck of a racket was this little, solid black kitten.

She was fearless! As we approached her she hissed, and meowed, and tried to hide herself further in the corner. She wasn’t even a month old! So very, very tiny! We didn’t see a momma cat around. And we didn’t see any other little ones around. And it was cold, and snowy, and miserable out! So, we did the only thing we could. We adopted her.

Her name is now Salem. She is our little bitty pretty one. Spoiled, and loved, and adored, and one of the best Halloween gifts ever.

But that was 2012… we move on to Halloween 2013.

Halloween 2013 came along much like Halloween 2012. We start looking forward to it sometime in July, and impatiently count down the days until October. We start crafting, and creating, and celebrating. Planning events, and gathering leaves. Keeping our eyes on pumpkins, and plotting the years costumes.

We never expected a repeat of the previous year. Never would have imagines we’d receive a second gift. But… once again…this little black fuzz ball shows up. He was so full of energy! His favorite toys were anything that moved, and his greatest talent was cuddling. Another cute black kitten arrived at our home in need of love.

Jinx was a welcome addition. Well, welcome to us. Salem, however, was not so thrilled. It may have been Jinxes exuberance in trying to win Salem over, which she didn’t appreciate. Whatever it was it took Salem a little time to appreciate the furry intrusion.

Jinx has become our handsome boy, and Salem our pretty princess. Two so unique personalities you’ll never confuse the two. They are our wonderfully witchy kitties. Our greatest Halloween gifts. But that was 2013….

Halloween isn’t here yet. It is only September 29th. We’re a month away from the best holiday the year offers. And….keeping with tradition… we had not one, but two, little black fuzzy things show up at the house.

I would love to say I’m joking. I’d love to say I’m making this all up. I’d love to say my house has not been turned upside down, again. But I’ve learned, that this time of year, it is best just to accept the inevitable and celebrate its wonder.
Merlin and Nightmare are now permanent fixtures in our house. Two wonderful, furry, black little kittens have won the hearts of everyone in our home. Including Jinx and Salem. The twist this time is Merlin. Who has one white spot on his belly.

There is something about having an all black cat in your house. It becomes Halloween year round. When you find yourself with four black cats, there is no question Halloween is home.

Now, I know, this post isn’t all that witchy. I will argue there is magick in it. It touches my heart because I’m a softy when it comes to fuzzy, furry things. It also brings a bit of sadness. This time of year black cats get a bad rap. They also tend to be tortured, abused, and put to sleep. Humane Societies put black cats to sleep more often than any other color cat. People are less likely to adopt a pure black cat than a tabby, or calico, or other color.

So, this year, for Halloween, if you have extra love to share, or a home which needs a cat’s special kind of love, consider adopting a black cat. If you do not have the ability to adopt a black cat, think about making a donation to your local shelter. If you can’t donate money, or pet food, think about donating your time. Our furry friends can always use the extra love.

For now, I’ll enjoy my black cat sanctuary, and hope I never have to turn a kitten away. To quote Sigmund Frued: “Time Spent with cats is never wasted.”

Goodnight my friends, and blessed be!


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