Coughin’ Up Coffin Nails


I remember watching a movie where a guy coughs up nails. It all started with an evil voodoo priest, a man who didn’t know any better, and a curse. The poor cursed gentleman coughs up handfuls of nails. Shredding the inside of his mouth and causing me to wince. The scene in the movie fascinated me. We only have 3.5 to 4 grams of iron in our bodies. That is only enough to make one 3 inch nail. Nowhere near a handful!

Then, of course, my mind went into overdrive. If the guy coughed up a handful of nails, that meant he had an abundance of iron in his system. If he had an abundance of iron in his system, then he would have been extremely sick. The curse wouldn’t have been a curse in that case. The voodoo priest was saving the guys life!

The magickal side of me had to argue we never saw the cursed guy in the hospital. So, the voodoo priest was actually evil and the curse, with its fully magickal workings, was hurting the guy. That thought led to another, and another, and then… It occurred to me I was watching a movie…about an evil voodoo priest…so my mind quickly went to, “Seriously? An evil voodoo priest? It has been soooo over done!” That led to… “I really hate movie stereotypes!”

I don’t personally know any voodoo priests, or priestess. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting one. I do know Voodoo, like Witchcraft, has a bad wrap thanks to the movies. What I’ve read about the belief system leads me to believe it is as benevolent as Witchcraft. It is also, often, confused with Hoodoo. I will admit, I’m not sure exactly what the difference is between the two. I think one is Island specific, and the other Africa specific. Don’t quote me on my statement though. I could very easily be wrong.

The reason I bring up this movie is because I want to talk about nails. Specifically, coffin nails.

The first reaction of many is going to be, “Coffin nails? That’s black magick, or evil magick, or negative magick.” Well, yes and no. There are spells and rituals which can and do cause harm. The Malison charm which brings sickness and/or death. The Madness spell, which is meant to drive an enemy mad. There is even one to bring tragedy to the specified person. These three alone would fall into my evil category.

What we have to remember is intent is what matters. You can use a coffin nail negatively, or positively. For instance, you can drive someone away from a person, their home, a place, a vehicle, etc. Used correctly though, that could be a good thing. One example I have is a friend was being stalked by an ex-boyfriend. It was affecting her life, and her health. The answer was a coffin nail.

Nine coffin nails, to be exact, graveyard dirt, and banishing powder mixed and placed in nine individual bags. One nail per bag with equal amounts of graveyard dirt and banishing powder. Then nightly, for nine nights, dump the contents of the bag onto the path the person uses to leave or enter their home.

I use an incantation when pouring the mixture out. I make it specific to the person/place/thing. The one I initially wrote for this instance was rather harsh. So, I haven’t used it since. I would go with something quick and easy like:

“What now is dark
Be made light
Remove __________
From our sight
For the good of all
With harm to none
As we will it
So it shall be done”

Granted, that was off the top of my head. It likely needs tweaked a bit, but you get the general idea.

In this instance I also gave my friend a coffin nail to carry with her. You’ll want to put the nail in a case, or pouch, or wrap it in brown silk. Besides being protective it has the added benefit of not allowing any vengeful spells to be performed against you.

I keep a coffin nail in my ritual bath mixture. If anything negative is attached to you, it gets washed away. Just be sure when you use the bath mixture you put the nail under the running water and let it wash into the bath basin. Then fish it out, dry it off, and re-use it. It is very effective for negating entities, curses, and some hexes.

Ritual Bath Mixture

Epsom Salt
Sea Salt
Sage Essential Oil
Lavendar Oil

You can also add one coffin nail to a base oil, or a blessing/banishing oil and anoint doorways, windows, etc. to help keep negativity away. We keep one coffin nail in the bottle we use for mixing up our smudging spray. It adds an extra kick to the mix.

Now, before I close this post. Please do not run out and start grave robbing to collect coffin nails. You can order coffin nails online. It takes a little searching, but they can be found. You can also make your own.

Coffin nails from an individual’s coffin are more powerful. There is no arguing that point. Unless you’re going the dark route, you don’t need the nails super charged. We’ve found nails from an animal’s coffin works just as well. And no, we haven’t been out killing animals. We’ve had a couple of our furry friends pass away. The vet we go to puts our furry friends in a nice cardboard coffin to be sent over to be cremated. We’ve saved the coffins, placed the nails in them, and buried them for a few months. Icky, and decay free!

Death is as powerful as life. The choices we make with either one are what define us. There is always a way to solve any problem. It may not always be with magick, but it should always be harm free.

Blessed Be My Friends!


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