Ache-y Break-y Headache-y

This week I experienced one of my migraines.

They happen every couple of months, unfortunately. Like most people, I reached for an over the counter solution. It dawned on me today I have a better alternative sitting in my herb chest. It was one of those, “You really are blonde!” moments that hit me after six cups of coffee. It has been a long week!!

We’ve become so accustomed to reaching for the store bought solution. We’ve stopped asking ourselves if we should. Thankfully there is an awakening taking place in the world. We have started asking, more and more, just what is in the things we eat, drink, and consume?

For the longest time, we trusted the world…meaning large corporations, etc. … to have our best interests at heart. The delusion is quickly cracking, breaking into pieces of, “they’re really only after the almighty dollar!” Shock and awe have replaced our innocent gullibility. My only question is, “What took us so long!?!”

Most belief systems agree. Our body is a temple. It is a living temple. One which should be respected, appreciated, loved, and cared for daily. I believe it is the one truth we can all agree on. However, I will be the first to admit I cannot resist Mc Donald’s, or Dairy Queen, or KFC, or… If it is bad for you, I probably like it.

It is because I like the bad stuff I try to find natural alternatives for the other areas of my life. Instead of running to the doctor for anti-biotics, I make my own calendula tincture. Calendula is a powerful anti-biotic. Plus, it tastes better than some of the horse pills the doctors prescribe. ICK!! It is simple to make. Simply fill a glass jar, or bottle, with fresh calendula leaves. Then pour in enough alcohol to cover all of the petals. I use vodka – mainly because it is cheaper than grain alcohols.

I make my own cough syrup. Another simple recipe: Fill a glass jar with sliced lemon, add a couple of pieces of ginger, and cover it all with honey. Let it sit for two weeks in the refrigerator. Then add one spoonful to one cup of boiling water, and drink as needed. Between the smell, and the taste, it is a million times better than store bought alternatives.

If you suffer from migraines, the way I do. Add equal amounts of fresh feverfew, lemon balm, and peppermint leaves to a jar. Cover with alcohol. Let steep in a cool dark place for a week. Take ¼ of a spoonful when you feel a headache coming on. You can drink a tea of these same herbs, works just as well. I’m just not always in the mood for a cup of feverfew tea. It is a great herb for headaches, but not the best tasting herb.

If you have ragweed allergies, skip the feverfew. It is part of the ragweed family. You can try my headache tea. It is equal parts lemon balm, chamomile, linden, and passion flowers. Steep for 20 minutes, and then drink as needed. It works especially well if you drink it before bedtime. Throw in a little mugwort and you’ll sleep like a baby!

On that note… I’d better be off to mix up some headache tea for me. After Wednesday’s migraine, I’m not in a hurry for another one.

Before I forget…again! Don’t forget to look for me on Facebook at: Wilder Things. We’re working on our Mabon plans for the Autumn Equinox. We also have a couple of people looking to connect with other Pagan folk. Come join us and hang out!

Blessed Be My Friends!


3 comments on “Ache-y Break-y Headache-y

  1. jmlibby says:

    Thank you for sharing these recipes. My guy and I suffer frequently. Blessed be 🙂


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