You Pray, I’ll Spell Away!

wicked witch

I love watching scary movies!

I love watching movies about magick, witchcraft, covens, and any number of other things. I watch them knowing full well I’m probably going to get irritated! Movie makers get it wrong…very, very wrong! They cave to stereotypes, and outdated thinking. It is a good thing I can’t reach through the TV screen and shake people!

A Solitary Witch works to start a coven. She’s portrayed as strong willed, ruthless, dark, dressed in black, and to be feared. Her goal is revenge on everyone around her. Her adversary is the local priest, and his followers. They pray, and throw holy water, and try to cast out the demon. Her evil cannot be allowed to go on. Her survival means the downfall of all humanity. The End of the World!

And every second I’m steaming; getting angrier and angrier because it is not an accurate portrayal. Oh! Then there is the movie line where a group of Witches – insert teenagers wearing black clothes and not conforming to the norm – is terrorizing the town. Breaking into houses, stealing priceless objects, and kidnapping local children. An old abandoned house is found with pentagrams, and upside down crosses spray painted all over the walls. And I’m supposed to believe these children are evil! Cursed! Demon Spawn! All the while it is some local hick who has a vendetta against the local Sherriff, or mayor, or government official, or…. And they perpetuate a stereotype, and I’m not supposed to get angry?

If they started portraying Christians for what they really are, I’m sure every church in the nation would be up in arms. The whole movie industry would be turned on its heals to “set the record straight!” There would be news reports, and riots, and drunkin’ rednecks kicking and screaming about injustice!

I don’t know if it is just because the Pagan community is passive, or if they believe it is a fight they can never win. Whatever the reason, the chirping of the crickets is far louder than the voice being raised saying, “ENOUGH!”

Yes, horror movies sell. Yes, Witches and Satan and evil are themes from ages past. Yes, even Witches, and Wizards, and Satanists, and Pagans, will spend the money to go to the theater to watch these mind numbing stereotypical movies. We’re guilty of helping to perpetuate a stereotype we scream needs to be abolished. What if, though, there was a middle ground?

What if, we stopped remaining silent and started fighting…Pagan style! Knowledge is the greatest weapon ever created. We have the power to use our knowledge to educate people to what our world is really like. To show them we’re not scary…well, most of us anyway. To show them our job is to help heal humanity. To improve life, and the natural balance.

We are here to, borrowing a phrase from the Christians, love thy neighbor. We don’t sacrifice children, but we may brew you up a strong cold medicine. We won’t steal your boyfriend, or girlfriend, with a love potion, but we may send you a blessing for a lasting relationship. We’re not going to sacrifice your favorite pet to a god or goddess whose name you can’t pronounce. We might mix up a salve for the poor animals winter worn paws.

Yes, you may find us in the dark wood, around a bonfire, dancing and chanting. Nature is our favorite place to be. I’ve been to church camp and have done the same thing! Only there they call it singing hymns and praising god. Different words, same meaning. Christians will say a prayer for you. I’ll say a spell, or invoke the angels. Just because we use different words does not mean what we do is evil. It is just different.

I brush my teeth before I brush my hair in the morning. You may brush your hair first. I put my left shoe on before my right. If I was left handed I may put on my right shoe first. There is no wrong way. Yet we’ve taken the simplest of things – spell vs. prayer – and cast a dark cloud over them. Then we’ve made movies about those things which further corrupt reality.

I could rant about this for days! It has been, and always will be, my biggest pet peeve. If I knew the solution, I wouldn’t be here ranting. Then again, maybe the ranting is the solution? If you can make one person think then that one person could be the one to change the world. If I would stop ranting and start doing something…I could be that one person!

So, the question I’m going to leave you with, is the same one I’ll be asking myself: “What can you do to change the world?”

Be true to yourself my friends, and Blessed Be!


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