Witch Practice 101


I’m often asked, “When do you practice being a Witch?”

First, let me say, I don’t practice. I am a Witch. It isn’t something you do part time. I don’t wake up in the morning and decide that today looks like a good day to be Witchy. Asking me that is the equivalent of asking a Christian when they practice Christianity. Although, I can see how it can be confusing. I do know some Pagan’s who ‘practice,’ as well as some Christians.

I guess it is all really about your perspective. If you view spiritual beliefs, religion, or faith as being part-time then I can see why you’d ask. There are part time believers. You have people who only go to church on Sunday, but the rest of the week they break every commandment they can find. It isn’t any different in the Pagan community.

I know youngsters who decide to be a Witch because they know it will drive their parents crazy. it is part of what gives the word Witch its bad name. If you throw everything in a single cauldron it is going to spoil the brew.

You have the same problem with Satanism and Lucifarianism. Part time practitioners who go about things bass ackwards. It is where we get the stories of Satanist murdering people, or a Satanic cult wrecking havoc in some community. The few give the many a bad name. When working within the Pagan community, that is the first thing to remember. Do not let misguided stereotypes lead your thoughts.

Anyway, back to the practicing comment.

If you break my day down into bits you’ll find I ‘practice’ all day…everyday. I don’t think about it. It is just part of my day. I get up in the morning with a quick spell for guidance:

“Make me strong in Spirit
Courageous in Action
Gentle of Heart
Let me act in Wisdom
Conquer my fear and doubt
Discover my own hidden gifts
Meet others with Compassion
Be a source of healing energies
And face today with hope and joy.”

It is then off to the shower where eucalyptus waits to clear my thoughts, breathing, and shake off any of the nights bad dreams. Once out of the shower my mind starts thinking about what color the day calls for, and what stones I’ll need. My amethyst is always with me, and my evil eye necklace hangs round my neck. Sometimes I add a little moldavite.

As I get dressed different stones may find their way into my pockets to join my pendulum. If I’ve used my Tarot the night before, it is quickly packaged back up and placed in my purse; never too far from reach in case of emergency.

On my way to work a quickly whispered spell to keep the lights green is often used…mainly because I’m usually running late. I blame it on the cats. They’re just too cute early in the morning! Even before I get in my beautiful Jeep I wish a quick chant for protection:

“Goddess watch us
Night and day
Protect us wherever
We may stray.
Bring my pieces
Safely home!”

Once at work there are always crystals on my desk; one for luck, success, and peace. My desk is covered in green, black cats, and plants. My book of shadows fits neatly in my purse so it is always available. Then there’s a quick chant to chase away anything that doesn’t belong:

“Angels of protection
Angels who clear
Remove all spirits
Who don’t belong here.”

Then the mad rush of the day begins. Depending on how the day goes – whether it is quiet or stressful. The may be a quick brewing of chamomile tea to help relieve the stress, and calm my nerves. If it is a quiet day, I’ll often get emails asking for help. People tend to ask for spells for luck, or money, or love. I don’t mind, but I don’t do spells for people without making sure it is the right thing to do. So…I spend a lot of time talking to people.

I believe in magick. I believe spells work. I know they work or I would have committed myself to the insane asylum years ago. I do not believe a spell is the answer for everything. If someone is down on their luck, and is having a hard time finding a job. I’m more than happy to help. But… if they’re having a hard time finding a job because they’re sitting at home watching TV all day. I’m not going to waste my time. Even the best spell needs a little participation.

I don’t really take a lunch at work. I’d rather work through the day. Then go home and enjoy my evening. Stopping for a lunch just seems counter productive to me. Most days I’m swamped with work, conference calls, meetings, etc. There is magick throughout it, but it is usually in the form of a quickly whispered spell as needed.

Once the day is over, and it is time to go. It is another quick spell in the Jeep, and changing of lights to green. You have no idea how handy that spell is until you have a blonde moment and don’t use it!

Once I get home it is feeding the furry felines. Then off to the garden to harvest dinner, or tea, or both. The garden is my favorite place. There is always thanks to give for the harvest. Short spells to help an ailing plant. You can’t forget to add honey for the fairy’s, and sometimes new flowers.

If I’m home for the night I’ll sometimes throw a quick protective circle around the house, and garden, before going inside. This is smart when it is storm season around this neck of the woods. Hail season can be horrible on little green leaves! It isn’t to healthy for windows and vehicles either, but they can be replaced.

After supper is made then it is time for reading, or watching some TV show I’m hooked on. It is also time to grind up dried egg shells, or mix up some potion, brew, or poultice I need for the next day. Each one requires their own little bit of magick. Depending on the season it may mean making cold medicine, or anti-biotics. I prefer natural remedies to store bought. Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t hesitate to call the doctor if things get bad. Everything has its place!

The end of the day is my favorite. It is then time to cuddle with the familiars. Give them treats, and remind them of why were together. Some end of the days require time in the ritual room. The cats know instinctively when those times are and will head there without me saying a word. Cats are amazing creatures!

When the day is all said and done. The lights are off. The cats are in bed. And it is finally time for me to head off to sleep. There is a quick bedtime blessing to end it all:

“In the still of the night
While the world around me sleeps
May the angels smile upon me
And the Lady bring me peace
Blessing upon “______________”
I know that you will care for them
And bring them what they need.”

My day is never without magick. There is no practicing to it. This is just….my life. I can’t stop being a Witch any more than I can stop breathing and keep living.

So, for those who ask when I practice being a Witch. All I can say is every second of everyday! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blessed Be my Friends!


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