Tea, Trees, and the Power of Three

This past Friday was the 13th, a full moon, and of course, Mercury in Retrograde. It made for a very event filled day. I loved it! I’m not superstitious. In fact, Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me. Usually, a VERY good day. Two of my three kids were born on Friday the 13th. The third one would have been if they hadn’t induced labor the week prior. I’m still a bit miffed about that one.

Anyway, the mish-mash of wonder last Friday brought about. Started me thinking about blessings and banishings. Usually around this time of year I perform the Triskelion Rite of Tea. Over the years I’ve modified the rite to include a blessing banishing ceremony. Many of my friends have found this rite to be one of their favorites. It is pretty simple, but always packs a punch.

It is around this time of year where worries and troubles start to build up for the people I know. I’m convinced it is residual side effects left over from Beltane. Divorce seems to rampant right now. Bad luck, arguments, car accidents, accidental deaths… we’ve had it all lately. I’m a believer that when all hell is breaking lose…throw a little magick at it!

So…here is how I deal with it…

    What you’ll need:

Herbs for Tea – I use chamomile, lavender, a little green tea, and mugwort
Cups and Teapot – enough cups and tea for everyone, and the God or Goddess!
Spring water
White Candles
Old Christmas tree, or large tumbleweed, or abandoned tree branches – anything you can tie ribbons, or bows onto…lots of ribbons and bows!
Two colors of ribbons, or bows – I use red and white: Red for banishing, and white for blessings
Someplace you can perform the ritual and then leave the tree with ribbons on it up for 33 days.

    What you’ll need to do:

You can do this by yourself, or with a group. I prefer a group because it is stronger. Plus, the more people I can help the better! Once you mix the herbs. You’ll need to bless them. I use the following to bless mine. Insert the tip of the athame into the herb mixture and say:

“Through the watchful eye of the Sun
And the silvery light of the Moon
Beneath the beauty and the glory of the sky
with all the mysteries terra imbibes
Purify these herbs so their purpose may be true
No matter what they’re called upon to do.”

Once the herbs are blessed, place them in the water to steep. While they’re steeping say/meditate on the following:

“Goddess, Mother, Giver of Life
Give me strength to face my daily strife
Teach me to live in perfect love, and perfect trust
Bound by peace, wisdom, and a heart that is true
Let all my actions be a reflection of you
Help me better myself in word and deed,
And all that I do, help me to succeed
With one last wish, and a drink to you
Let all I know be bless by you.”

I like to modify the above as needed. Changing things from me to we, or I to us, etc. If I’m doing this alone I’ll sit and drink my tea while repeating the above multiple times. It’s peaceful, and I’ve fallen asleep on occasion. It is harder to do with a group, but a quick print out handed out to everyone makes things easier.

Another note, when doing this as a group, be prepared to make a couple of pots of tea! If the group prefers cold tea; you can always make the tea ahead of time, and do the saying/meditation once everyone is comfy with their tea.

After everyone has their tea, and has had time to release some of the stress of the day, the fun can begin! This is when I bring out my old tree, and two baskets of bows. I keep the red and white bows in separate baskets. It just makes it easier. I place one basket on either side of the tree. Then someone either volunteer, or we volunteer them to begin. They first take one red bow, and as they place it on the tree. They state what they want to banish from their life.

Now, I don’t have anything formal for my friends to say. I feel it takes away from the heartfelt honesty of saying what you wish. Personally though, I always say: “ I banish ________from my life.” I do warn people to banish the root of the problem and not just the first thing that comes to their mind. Banishing peanut butter cravings is far safer than banishing food cravings. Call me cautious….

Once they’ve placed the red bow on the tree, and stated what they wish to banish. They then take a white bow and repeat the process. Except this time they ask for a blessing. Again, I don’t have anything formal for people to say. Personally though, I tend to say: “Goddess bless my life with________.” I’m not such a stickler on the blessing side. One can never have too many blessings.

When I do this ritual by myself I tend to cast a circle. When doing it in a group, I may or may not cast a circle. Over the years friends have invited friends who don’t know I’m a Witch. So I err on the side of caution. If it is just a group of people who know my wicked ways, then I’ll cast a circle.

Not everything requires a circle. Everything does require the heart though. So, I say follow your heart, your instincts. Make everything your own. And if you have any questions, or comments…you can always email at wickedwitchmidwest@yahoo.com.

Blessed Be my friends!


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