Board Problems

Okay, so…I’ve started this post a couple of times now. I thought it would be an easy post to write, but apparently I was wrong.

You see, I have a love/hate relationship with movies. I love scary movies. Well, movies that attempt to scare you. I can’t remember the last time I was actually scared by a movie. I’m usually too busy critiquing the graphics – whether they’re good or bad, believable or not. I admit I watch a lot of movies about Witches, Witchcraft, etc. I enjoy them. I’m also frustrated by them.

They perpetuate a stereotype I’d love to see die. The whole “Witches are evil!” portrayal just ticks me off! Yet, I keep watching it. While I’d love to see the movies portray Witches correctly…I would miss the stereotype. I love the idea of being an angry, evil Witch. Sometimes, it is exactly what I want to do! Don’t get me wrong. I’m more of a lover than a fighter. I know any evil, or wrong, I may do will come back to me. It keeps me honest. But sometimes….. Everyone has their limits.

So…what has brought on this talk about movies, and stereotypes? The movie “The Ouija Experiment” came out recently. The movie is…okay for a B movie. The graphics could have been better. And, I could see places to improve the dialog, and acting. All in all though, it was worth a first watch, but not a second. Its release does scare me though.

The movie does give some of the rules of working with a Ouija board. Be polite. Don’t ask how they died. Always say Good-bye. They forgot the white candles, and the salt. And, to always be cautious. Once you open the door, be sure to close it. Never burn the board. And, if things start getting weird…call a professional/Witch.

I know Hasbro is going to love the movie being released. Their Ouija board sales should sky rocket. The calls I’ll get will sky rocket too. I love that Hasbro puts a disclaimer on the “toy.” It says it is ‘just a toy.’ Ya, and a pendulum is just a pretty rock. Anything used to open doorways to the other side can be dangerous. If used incorrectly.

I would love to teach a class on proper Ouija board usage. Even one on pendulums would be useful. There are actually a lot of things I would love to teach. The problem is finding the space, and the funding. There are some things I’d love to teach that are ‘witchy’ in nature, but would be useful to everyone. Especially things like first aid – based on herbal remedies, and plant identification. We all need that one….especially in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, if you like scary movies, “The OuijaExperiment” is not one to watch. It is dull, drab, and cheesy. If you’re a B movie fan…you’ll love it. If you buy a Ouija board, and plan to use it. Remember, be careful! I don’t mind saving people from themselves, but things tend to follow me home. Then my cats get all upset. It is very disrupting. Don’t be afraid to ask the local Witch/ Shaman/ Druid/ Pagan for help. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Blessed Be My Friends!


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