Honey of a Cold!

It is the second week of October and we’ve already had our first snow! I was not ready for the flakey, cold, white stuff.

I’m convinced the reason adults don’t like snow is because they have to drive in it. Until I started driving, and almost wrecking, in the snow, I absolutely loved it! Now…I grumble every time I see it. That is…unless I don’t have to leave the house. I feel like Jekyl and Hyde when it comes to the fluffy flakes.

When the temperature starts dropping, I start thinking about staying healthy during the winter months. If there is one thing I can’t stand it is cold medicine. Have you ever noticed how yucky it tastes? There is no reason we, as intelligent beings, have to put ourselves through such torture!

It is this time of year I start making my own cold medicine. I also start thinking chamomile and green tea! I count myself among the lucky ones who rarely ever get sick. I think it is because I drink a lot of tea. I also think it is because I reach for my cold medicine the first time I feel a tickle.

Did I hear you ask, “What is your cold medicine made out of then?” Oh, I do love questions! The answer, is simple:

Freshly sliced Ginger – two to three peices (optional)
A Jar

Such a simple concoction! Take a sterilized jar, a freshly sliced (washed and dried) lemon, and some fresh honey. Put the honey and lemon in the jar, until it is full. Place a nicely sterilized lid on the jar, and seal it tight. Then place it in the refigerator. After about three weeks, take one spoonful of the honey/lemon mixture, add it to a 8 oz cup of boiling water. Drink.

There is no peeling the lemon, but you might want to remove any seeds you run across. If you add ginger, please remember ginger is a very strong root, and a little goes a long ways! I do like to cut any brown spots off the lemon rhine, just because I think it looks better in the jar.

After three weeks the lemon and honey should start to jell. If it doesn’t, mix it a little bit, and let it sit longer. I just slice my lemon thinly, but you can cut it into smaller bits. Don’t cut it into large slices – remember, the thinner the better! We want the juice to mix well with the honey.

You can just keep adding to the jar when it gets low instead of making a new batch each time. I find making this rather relaxing, and love to give it as gifts. We add a few more ingredients to ours…I’d share, but I don’t want to ruin our fun! 🙂

Blessed Be!


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