Brightest Spirits

Mabon begins my favorite time of year. The time when leaves start turning, harvests are brought in, the air becomes crisp and cool, and the smell of herbs, and fruits, fill the air with happiness. It is a magickal time where we turn inward, and start self reflection. The days become shorter, and darker, and we rest.

No matter how many times I’ve watched autumn approach. I am always inspired by the magick of it. I have the undeniable urge to spend every waking second outside. The colors of autumn are my favorite colors. The oranges, the reds, even the browns are absolutely beautiful!

This is the best time to begin counting our blessings. Mabon is our Thanksgiving after all. It is more than that though. The world begins to fill with the holiday spirit at this time of year. No matter what your beliefs are it is an undeniable fact. The holiday spirit is real, and such a joy to see!

Although the days become longer, and daylight wanes, the spirit of the holidays is the unseen brilliance that spreads. It moves from person to person through a smile, a touch, a laugh, or a kind word. It shows on our faces, in our eyes, and in our deeds.

It is that spirit, that inner brilliance, which moves us quickly through the colder months. We may not welcome the storms, or love the snow all the time but, we are happier and nicer at this time of year.

So, for tonight, I wish you a glimpse of the magick yet to come, moments of brilliant realizations, and an unfailing holiday spirit. When darkness comes, it is the light within which shines brightest. May it never waver, but shine brighter than the brightest bulb.

Blessed Be My Friends!


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