The Rebecca Winters Apartments

Our First ghostly encounter story comes from our dear friend, Kat. She shares the tale of her adventures in the Rebecca Winters Apartments. Thank you Kat for sharing this with us!!

When I was five, I lived at the Rebecca Winters apartments in Scottsbluff.

My bedroom window faced the feild behind the apartment complex. One night, I looked outside and saw a white robed figure with a pointed white hood over it’s head in the field. He was digging, with a burning cross next to him. I watched for a little bit, afraid, but quickly buried myself under my blankets.

The next day, I walked through the field, trying to find evidence of where the person had been digging. There was no sign in the field of digging or a burning object. That night though, I saw it again. This happened for a week straight, with no evidence the next day. Soon after, I had a dream that a group of these people broken into our apartment, and were trying to take me and my family away to hurt us. After that dream, I avoided looking out my bedroom window toward the field at night.

When this happened, I knew nothing of the KKK. A few years ago I did found evidence they were pretty active in our community in the past.

Fantastic story Kat! Thank you so much for sharing it!


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