Festive Fall For Friends

Mabon quickly approaches. Fall follows just as fast. I can’t help but love this time of year. The colors, the celebrations, the approach of my favorite holiday, Samhain.

This is my favorite time of year. We’ve started the Tarot study group, and the Inner Temple of Witchcraft study group. We’re getting a list a mile long of things we want to do – and we’re doing them! It is truly a great time to be a Witch in the mid-west.

We’ve met a lot of new people lately. Rekindled friendships with a few old friends, and all in all have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Pagan Potlucks have taken a back seat. It is hard to find a place to have them in winter, and our place is to small. We keep hoping that will change but the Goddess says “Stay!”, so we listen.

We’re finding people don’t know what to think of us. We’re not your standard store front. We don’t hide or witchy side. And we’re more then willing to do two things: Teach and Help.

I’d like to share our general philosophy here at Wilder Things. When you need us, we’ll be there. Whether you have questions about the witchy life, or are curious about the Pagan path, or….if you just need a little magickal intervention in your life. It is our job to cover all bases.

What we won’t do – we won’t try to convert you to our way of thinking. We know many people who have an interest in different parts of what we call the Pagan Path. They are interested in natural remedies, how to help nature and themselves, how to live a greener, healthier life, or just feel drawn to the Pagan path and can’t put their finger on the why.

We won’t preach to you about how great our belief system is, or try to tell you our way is the “one true way!” It’s not, and it is not for everyone. We know this, we believe this, we understand this. We also won’t turn people away, seeking help, because of what they believe. Belief is a powerful thing. It is personal, and everyone is allowed to believe what is right for them.

There are people who would judge, and condemn our belief system. I understand them. It is hard to accept what you don’t understand. That is why we teach. We’re always glad to answer questions for those who have them. When you look closely at our belief system compared to others, there isn’t any clear cut difference.

We all believe causing harm to others is a bad thing. Our “Harm None” code covers many of the commandments of modern religions. Lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc. all “harms” everyone. By our actions we can not cause, either directly or indirectly, harm to another.

When you think about it, “Harm None”, is a pretty big mandate. We can’t perform a many spell without first doing a divination to be sure we harm none. If we did one without the divination and money does come to those we are trying to help, but is brought about by the death of a relative – we may not have caused the death, but the fault is still ours. By not doing the divination we’ll never know if doing the spell was the right thing to do. It is a rather large burden to bear though…the questioning. It is better to be certain.

We run across a lot of people who ask for our help. Whether it is for simple things like a Tarot reading, or more complex things like the best remedy for a headache. Generally, when someone comes to us, we know what it is they truly need. Hazards of being an empath who is highly intuitive.

It is likely why we have return visitors. It is also why we do what we do.

While we enter this time of harvest and abundance. It is time to give thanks for all we have, and all those we have the pleasure of meeting on our journey. If it wasn’t for the wonderful people who venture into our lives – whether breifly or long term – we probably wouldn’t do what we do.

It is their presence, their wonder, their beauty as individuals that drive us. We are very grateful we have had the wonderful pleasure of your company. To you we say, Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again!


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