Potluck Promises and Wilder Things

The quest for the Potluck is on!

A date has been set, an idea started, emails sent, and flyers made. On July 2nd, at 3:00 p.m. MST, we will have our first Pagan Potluck. I’m excited!

Finally, we will stop saying, “I wish I knew others who believe the way I do,” or, “I wish I knew someone who could teach me more about….” I know, personally, I have said those phrases far to often! I’ve been frustrated, irritated, lax, and down right depressed about the lack of community for those of us of alternative beliefs.

There are so many of us! Some of us have become good friends but don’t often get to see each other – busy lives and all. Some of us keep hoping someone will put something together for us. I’m tired of hoping. So… here goes!

I don’t expect a big turn out on the second. It is the 4th of July weekend and many people already have plans. We’ll start by having the Potlucks once a month – as close to the first of the month as possible. If we get a good response then maybe we’ll start having them twice a month. We’ll see how it goes first.

We’ll also be starting a book club with the first book being one of Christopher Penzac’s. Who knows maybe we’ll eventually have the quantum physics book club I’ve always wanted! That could be a stretch in this small community but hey, one never knows!

I have high hopes….and don’t give up easy!

If anyone knows of a Pagan, or alternative beliefs, who would like to spend some time with like minded people please point them our way. We can be reached at 308-220-8198 for more information. Just remember we answer Wilder Things so don’t hang up thinking you have the wrong number!

Also, we’re looking for a few things –

1. We’re looking for personal ghost stories – have an encounter with a ghost you’d like to talk about? We’d love to hear it!
2. We will be starting an advice column in the near future but we need letters to answers, seekers of advice, or anyone looking for information. We can’t start a column without you!
3. We’re always looking for suggestions! My biggest suggestion right now is I need to stop working so much and start writing again! The blog has been far to quiet way to often lately. It’s starting to drive me nuts!

One last thing – we’re thinking about building a site of our own. Blogs are nice but they just don’t do what we need them too. Don’t worry though, we’ll never give up our favorite home!

So…. that is where we are right now! We look forward to hearing from you!

Blessed Be friends!


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