Blessings by Banishing

A time consuming, and extremely stressful project has went live…finally! I always look forward to the beginning of a new project. I’m easily bored so projects are my cup of tea. By the time we reach the “Go Live!” date…I’ve had it with the project! I’m sick of it, over stressed, and just glad to see the end. I like the “Go Live” itself because you finally get to see people using the finished product.

Unfortunately, my position within the project is probably the most stressful. I have the pleasure of being 50 people in one. I help with the setup, creation, documentation, testing, problem solver, go-between, and all around gopher. I can’t complain. I actually like being “all knowing.” It just means I know my job well and people recognize that fact. Unfortunately, it also means my stress level is out the window 99% of the time.

So, how does a Witch handle stress? Some days…I don’t. I have my days where going off the deep end is step one in coping. We all have those days, even if we hate to admit to them. Most days though… I find meditating hugely beneficial.

I use to be under the misconception that in order to meditate I had to be able to clear my mind, find the inner calm, and not think about anything. If you’ve ever tried to meditate that way, you’ll find it works for about five minutes and then your mind breaks in. The human mind is persistant, it demands attention.

Once I realized I didn’t have to be perfect at clearing my mind to meditate. I found it a lot easier to find the peacefulness. I experimented with guided meditations, and meditating with just music. I found Christopher Penzack’s guided meditaitons to be one which worked best for me. In the ritual room though, I use simple nature sounds.

If it wasn’t for meditation during projects I would turn in to a very pessimistic person. I know this for a fact. How do I know? I know because during this recent project, I never stopped to meditate. Not even once!

I have been so consumed with this project. So Frustrated, that taking time to meditate completely escaped me. And it shows in my over all attitude, and health. I have been extremely pessimistic, and irritable. Not like myself at all! I’ve had several people comment on my “change in personality.” To have people notice is a very sad commentary. It means my negativity affected them in some way, and for that I truly apologize.

So, now I need to repair what I’ve broken. The question is…..where to start? I’ve learned over my lifetime that a lot of blessing, a little magick, and even more gratitude is the best way to rid yourself of negativity. It is also infectious.

Step number one – a quick cleansing of all areas. I can’t use sage in the office. I can just see the sprinklers and alarms going off now! So a good cleaning solution of lavender, lemon, water, and a damp cloth chases away a lot of negativity, and a few dust bunnies. If you’re interested in the exact ratios for the cleaning solution drop me an email and I’ll be happy to share them. Home will be saged, and so will I! I should mention here that a cleansing bath is always the first step but, you can’t always bath before you start cleaning – especially while at work!

Step number two – a couple of hours spent in the ritual room. I think the Triskilon Rite of Tea, and a Blessing/Banishing tree ritual is definitely in order. I can never do one without the other. The making of the tea is so relaxing, and a Blessing/Banishing Tree ritual really puts thing into perspective.

For those who haven’t heard of the Blessing/Banishing Tree ritual I highly recommend it! It is very simple, but very powerful. You’ll need fallen branches from any type tree. If you do have to cut branches, please apologize and give thanks to the tree – it is only polite after all! I prefer fallen ones where the leaves are already gone.

The branches should be about 24 inches long with as many branches as possible. You’ll be tying ribbons or bows on the branches so extra room is nice. You’ll also need ribbon or bows in two colors. I cheat and use red and white christmas bows. They have the wire for tying on the branches of christmas trees. So much easier than adding wire…

I use white for banishing and red for blessing. I also prefer to do the Blessing/Banishing Tree Ritual with a friend or two. Why should I have all the fun and benefits!

Keep the two colors of ribbons seperate and place them on each side of your branches. I put my branches in a vase so the finished product looks like a beautifully decorated tree. To start, say a quick blessing then, pick one ribbon – I start with a blessing ribbon because it is always better to remember your blessings first. State out loud what the blessing is, and then tie the ribbon to a branch. Then let the next person place their blessign ribbon, and so on until everyone has placed one.

Then, choose a banishing ribbon, state out loud what you wish to banish from your life. Place the ribbon on a branch, and then have everyone else do the same. You keep going around the room until you run out of ribbons. I always make sure I have big baskets full of ribbons for a Blessing/Banishing Tree Ritual. You never run out of blessings or banishings!

You’ll find yourself relaxed, and sometimes a bit of weight removed from your shoulders. I’m always left with a new perspective on life. Thankful for everything I have. And right now, I really need to remember everything I’m thankful for, and why I love my job.

Stress gets me down on many occassions – I’m very human in that aspect. The way I handle it though is very Witch-y! A lot of blessing, a little magick, and a ton of gratitude has never failed me, ever!

I’m off to build my blessing tree – Blessed Be my friends!


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