Gotta Get a Ghost….Busting Witch!?!

It has been over a week since I last posted. Okay, okay, it’s going on two weeks now. I know I’m behind in my posting. I blame it on work….and stress!

Stress is not the whole story though. Lately, ghosts have been the focus of my life outside of work. I can’t seem to escape the spirit world and my apparent calling to the ghost hunting field.

I’ll tell you now that it was never my idea, or intention to become a ghost hunter. I’m not even fond of the phrase “ghost hunter.” It always makes me think of crazy people who get scared by dust particles. I’ve seen to many frauds, fakers, and delusional misfits. I’ve never wanted to be catagorized as one of them. So… I’ve avoided anything to do with ghost hunting.

Unfortunately, as the resident Witch, people often to come to me with stories about hauntings. I love the stories. I have a fascination with the spirit world. I admit it. The fascination stems from my intuitive side.

These poor people come to me when they’ve reached the end of their rope. When the bumps in the night start scaring the hell out of them. By the time these people contact me they’ve tried everything. They’ve had their house blessed by priests. They’ve tried cleansings. They’ve brought in “real” ghost busters. They are out of options!

Wearing the hat of Witch does tend to put people off. I know this from personal experience but… I am what I am. It is because I wear the Witch hat that I have a unique perspective on the whole ghost world.

The Pagan community tends to work with spirits in many different ways. You have those who have spirit guides, totems, angels, etc. they work with on a regular basis. If you’ve ever run across any of these people you know how spooky they can be in their accuracy. I adore these type of people! They are fascinating to talk to.

Anyway, in the world of the Witch we tend to call on our ancesters. I call on them regularly! Wiccanings, blessings, bindings, banishings, etc. are fantastic times to reconnect with family members who have passed on. So I know a few things about dealing with Spirits.

Some of the people I’ve worked with are mainly looking for confirmation that they are not going crazy. Since I can sense ghosts I can easily give them that confirmation. Now… before you label me with the psychic label, or place me in the catagory of weirdo, psycho, fraud, fake, etc. let me explain.

Since I was a child I’ve had the uncanny ability to finish peoples sentences. Not very odd I know but… I’ve also known when the phone was going to ring, and generally who was calling. I’ve shown up on peoples door steps just when they needed me most. I’ve left the house with books, pendulums, herbs, teas, etc. without realizing I had them, just to find I needed them.

I could give you a list of examples which would mean little to you. I’ve learned over my lifetime to just go with it and not question. As I’ve aged though my “talent” has grown. I still sense phone calls, peoples needs, finish sentences, and fill in the blanks when people can’t think of the words they need. Now though, I “see” ghosts.

Seeing isn’t really the right word, or explanation. It’s more like a joining of the minds. I see a fuzzy image and hear words in my head. It is like being a fog. The first couple of times it happened I thought I was going to pass out. It is that sort of feeling. I quickly learned to just let it happen and to listen closely.

Now granted…in the beginning…I doubted everything I was seeing and hearing. I even went to the shrink to make sure I wasn’t going mad. We did the tests, tried the drugs, and learned one very important thing…..ghosts are persistent!

Once you can sense them, there is no turning it off! To be honest… I wouldn’t want to now.

Over the years I’ve had confirmation of my own abilities. I’ve been called spooky, scary, freaky, and shocking. Good things in the context they were said. I’ve done research and found supporting evidence related to what I’ve sensed. I’ve scared myself on occassion with what I’ve sensed. After all of that though… I still doubt. I don’t ever want to tell anyone the wrong thing…

Being labeled a fraud or fake is one of my biggest fears. I refuse to call myself psychic because I don’t believe I am. I’m simply intuitive. I tell people up front that I may not pick anything up. There may be nothing for me to sense. Maybe the ghost/spirit doesn’t want to communicate at the time. I will not make something up to ease someone’s mind.

Having said all of that… how does this tie to my recent ghost hunting calling? It has to do with word of mouth.

I use to do Tarot readings at a local store. The store owner knows I’m a Witch. She has seen my ability to sense the answers in the cards. She runs in to people all the time who have their own ghost stories. She sends them to me when they need help.

My beautician knows my Witchy life style and has patrons with ghost stories. She listens most of the time and then passes them on. Once in a while though these patrons are at their wits end and are looking for answers. She put one in touch with me and I was able to help her.

Word of mouth has spread quickly. I’m not complaining. I find it fascinating. I love to help. I love testing myself. I love meeting new spirits. I also like knowing the local ghost hunting frauds are not continuing to be the standard. They’ve left a bad taste in many mouths. Many people have stopped calling “Ghost Busters” and have started calling me. Life is always entertaining!

And on that note all I can say is….it is good to be the local Witch!

Blessed Be my friends!


2 comments on “Gotta Get a Ghost….Busting Witch!?!

  1. Frank says:

    No but we Ghost Hunters tend to like Witches just because people like to tell you ghost stories. They Like to tell us Ghost Hunters those stories too.

    And that intuition of yours can be quite useful. We are not all frauds but yes there are frauds out there.


    • wenwilder says:

      I should apologize for the generalization. My frustration with frauds was locally aimed. Hopefully I’ll run across a group like yours who will undo the bitter taste the local one has left in my mouth.

      Happy hunting! 🙂


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