Death’s Bad Rap


Slimmy, crawly, oozy, dark, dank, dreary, endless…death. At what point do these words because associated with death in our minds? Is it when we’re children? Is it from watching to much TV, and to many movies? Do we decide one day that death is bad, evil, and to be feared?

There are theories, but each of us views death differently. The same could be said of the Death card in a deck of Tarot. We’ve all seen the movies where someone draws the death card and next thing you know…they’re dead! Creepy, right? Inaccurate, definitely!

The Death card happens to be one of my favorite cards in a deck of tarot. When I see a quirants face take on a look of panic I have to wonder if they’re truly looking at the card, or just seeing the word.

To me the card is amazing. The only thing (person?) dead on the card is death himself. Okay, so there is a guy lying on the ground but, is he dead? If he is, why is he lying on the ground and not on an alter, or in a coffin? Where is his finery, and the mourners? A child plays at his side. A boat sails in the distance. And, depending on your perspective, the sun rises between two towers to begin the day.

Even the horse has a pristine quality to him. He’s white, bright eyed, and careful where he steps. He knows where he is going. There is life to the Death card – not death. It is a beginning, not an end.

The death card speaks of new beginnings. The passing away of what is no longer needed, or no longer suits us. Even in the images of this beautiful death card we see new beginnings.

The hour glasses still hold sand, so there is still time. The rafter is fighting his way to the gate while the past fights to hold him back. Death waits patiently a top the gate to chase away the past and those things (people) we no longer need in our lives. The things which are keeping us from reaching our true potential. Beyond the gate is a new day. The dawning of a new life where nothing holds us back.

But…all people see is Death.

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.”

~William Wallace~

Blessed Be my friends!


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