Dancing a Spell

Someone asked me the other day what my neighbors thought of living next door to a Witch. The first thought that ran through my mind…. I have neighbors?

Truth be told I’m not the social type. I love people. Most of the people I know are fantastically fun. I enjoy their company, no matter how briefly I may have it. To many times it is a quick, “How are you today?” as we rush by each other in the great halls of work. I call them great halls in hopes my fleeting delusions of butlers and maids running through my glorious expansive mansion will eventually come true. Everyone has to have a delusion, right?

Anyway, back to neighbors. My landlord was once asked if he had rented the house out. The house in which I live. The house in which I’d live for almost a year…when they asked. Apparently the presence of my vehicle in front of the house escaped their attention.

I don’t pay much attention to my neighbors. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t really tell you. When I’m home, I’m home and not peeking out the windows to see what my neighbors are doing. I have one neighbor who continually tries to visit….when I’m rushing off to work, or to the store, or heading out to run errands, or…. always when I’m busy. I know who she is, she was part of my case load on a previous job. I can’t, however, remember her name.

Having said that, why on earth would someone ask me how my neighbors feel about living next door to a Witch? I can theorize…

They might be thinking about all the TV Shows and Movies where Witches dance skyclad around a fire chanting at the top of their lungs while banging on drums. I have to wonder if maybe they’re thinking of Pow Wow’s? Scantly clad indians in a circle…. could be…


The skyclad dancing, banging, chanting doesn’t go on at my house. First off, I pass up the chance at dancing skyclad. I don’t like to see myself naked, let alone a groupd of strangers seeing the sight. There would only be screaming going on if they did. The banging of drums doesn’t really go on these days. We’ve traversed into the 21st century and use recordings of drums. To many people have no rhythm and should never be allowed near a drum.

As for the chanting….

We do that ALL the time! You just don’t always hear it. Truth is though, you do it too. Don’t believe me? Are you a football fan? Ever yell at the TV, “Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” to get the player to make a touchdown? How about trying to make a green light? Never did the, “Stay green! Stay green! Stay green!” chant? How about when something goes wrong? You’ve never sat there going, “dang, dang, dang!”? And of course my all time favorite…. Ever stub your toe and chant, “Ow, ow, ow, ow?” Nah, me either.

One of the definitions of “Chant” is:

…a phrase, slogan, or the like, repeated rhythmically and insistently, as by a crowd.

We use chants to raise “The Cone of Power.” A fancy way of saying raising energy. Your mind processes rhythm better then monotony. Explains your enjoyment of music doesn’t it? Generally we are drawn to the rhythm of the music before we’re drawn to the words. Once the music catches us then we get about the business of learning the words to the song.

It is why spells are generally written in rhyme. My favorite ones are the ones that flow easily. Example one is the finding lost items spell. It is just fun to say. The bonus is it works. My favorite potions spell is the same way. My morning coffee spell, speeding up time, memory spell, etc. all of them have great rhythm.

That does not mean I stand outside and chant them at the top of my lungs while dancing around a fire. My landlord, and the city, would probably be a tad upset if I started a bonfire in my non-existant back yard. The majority of my spell casting is done indoors. At least until spring and summer. Then the open spaces in my area are fantastic places to escape to. Fire pits make a great place to set a safe fire, and no one hears you chanting in the middle of no where. I still don’t go skyclad or dance for that matter. When I said some people don’t have rhythm and shouldn’t play drums… I was talking about me.

So…. my neighbors don’t know I exist, thankfully. My backyard doesn’t exist, so no chanting, fires, dancing, or scaring the wildlife. There are drawbacks to being a city Witch but it just makes us more resourceful. A ritual room safely situated in the house is a better idea. I love my sacred space!

Hopefully, that answers the question of the day. If not, perhaps I’ll venture to ask the other Witches I know who practice in their backyards. Maybe they can shed some light on their neighbors reactioins. Hopefully they’ve never been charged with indecent exposer.

For now though, I wish you magickal moments and Blessed Be!


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