Out of the Broom Closet!

I became a little frustrated the other day at work. People were talking about natural shampoo’s and conditioners and whether they worked or not. The whole time I’m listening I’m sitting there thinking, “If they only knew how many recipes I have for such things.”

Much of being a Witch is about living naturally. Our focus is on the earth and what is best for nature. Planting herbs, growing gardens, natural remedies, it is all part of who we are. We do all of these things but because we worry about the way “outsiders” may view us, we keep quiet.

Like most days I had my BOS on me, which holds all of my wonderful recipes. So….I dug it out and shared the recipes. I had read some where one time that a Witch never lets anyone see her BOS. It is hers alone to view. I always wondered why? If I let someone else see what it holds, will I turn into a pumpkin? I’m round enough, perhaps that’s why?

Honestly though, if you think about it, Christians have the bible. It is their sacred book. Yet, you’ll find the bible everywhere! Every time I travel I know I will find a copy of the bible in the bedside table drawer at the hotel. So, if the Christians sacred book can be found everywhere why can I not share the wisdom in my BOS? Can someone give me one good reason?

The recipes I have, the spells I use, the brews I make, everything is done to help people. What good does it do me to know all of this and not share it? I drink the brews, I use the spells, I’ve researched and tested and tried and know it works…..so why am I keeping it all to myself? I feel the sting of selfishness at the thought.

I know I created this blog to share what I know. To share the spells and potions. To pass on th do’s and don’ts I’ve discovered over my life time. The problem is, I’m out to share it with those who don’t know me because of fear. How will people I know look at me if they knew? Friday…. I decided I didn’t care. I’m tired of playing a part. Being one person to the people I work with, another to my family, and keeping the real me to myself.

So, what recipes did I share? I’ll be adding a recipe page just so I can add them. For today though, the one most needed was a sleep brew –

Sleep Brew

4 parts Chamomile
3 parts lavender
1/2 part Thyme

Brew one tablespoon as you would any tea right before bed. One ‘part’ equals one tablespoon.

Happy Sleeping and Blessed Be!


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