Just Like You…

Let me tell you a secret about “a day in life of..” a real Witch. It is not all magic and spells and cauldron brews. It is very much like your day.

The alarm goes of – I grumble, of course. I am NOT a morning person. There is no hiding it! Then there is the rush to get ready for work. The cats under your feet. Sharing the bathroom. Scrapping ice off the windows, wishing for warmer weather. Add the drive to work on the counties worst road, and a hope that you don’t run into any idiot drivers, or they don’t run into you!

The day goes much as anyone elses. I work, make calls, take calls, code, research, write, talk, watch the clock…. The only difference is during my day I throw a little magic into the mix. I lose my pen, I do a quick Lost and Found spell. The stop light threatens to turn red before I reach it; a quick Stay Green spell rolls off my lips. I hear of someone having a bad day; a blessing spell is always a blessing.

I have a rule – Never leave home without your BOS. NEVER!! I have two copies of my BOS. One I carry with me every where, and one that sits at home waiting quietly in the ritual room. I have a BOS for potions, brews and poltices which stays in the herb cabinet. I do need t make a copy of it. There are times I could use a good potion when traveling.

You see, a Witches life is inside her BOS. Most people carry a day planner – I carry a spell book. To each their own, right? :o)

There are times, like last night, where I flip through my BOS. Mostly to remind me of everything I have in it. I’ve collected, and written, so much over the….many years I’ve been practicing. I love to write spells and create new potions and brews. My favorite brews? Tea! I love blending teas.

I also like to make banishing powders. There are so many people trying to banish something from their lives…. Right now I need to banish a bit of bad luck but I’ll work on that later. :o)

It just amazes me some days what you can do with magic. It also amazes me how many people use magic and don’t realize it. There is so much to teach people with closed minds…

Anyway, the night is ending, potions are calling and I feel a spell coming on!

Take care my friends and Blessed Be!


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