Conference Time

It is conference week in this Witch’s life. Unlike most, I adore conferences! The things you can learn, the people you can meet, the places you go… it’s all GREAT!

However, there are times, when you have a speaker who is monotone. They drone on and on and on and on and… You get the point. Their subject may be exciting, and interesting but you find yourself checking your watch every 30 seconds. Time grinds to a hault and you catch yourself nodding off.

I found myself in such a state yesterday. And, since I didn’t have my handy BOS on me, I had to do the next best thing – write a spell on the fly. Now the spell worked but…I’m not happy with the last two lines. I should rephrase that – I like the second to the last line, but not the way it flows into the last line. So, I need some help.

Here is what I have –

“Forward move the hands of time
Put your ticking in these hands of mine
Faster now, Faster Please!
My discomfort and frustration ease
For the time of (*) hours speed
Goddess grant my current need
As I ask, so mote it be!”

Granted it is not my best work, and I will likely rewrite it a hundred times, but it worked when I needed it. The speaker was done in minutes, instead of hours, and the rest of the day went smooth as silk.

However, my mind is sludge! I’m on input overload and no matter how I try to ‘fix’ what I think is broken – I’m blank! If anyone has ideas – I’m all ears!! (or eyes in this case!)


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