Perfect Perfumes

Perfume making day, Yay!!! I love making my own scents. The joy of sitting at a table playing with wonderful smelling oils…it’s heavenly!

I have my own signature scent. It doesn’t make me a rock star, model, or actress but… I know no one else will smell as good as I do! The great thing is, when people compliment you on your perfume, or ask you where you bought it. Telling them it’s something you threw together in the cauldron is fantastic! It is at that moment that I understand why famous people like having their own signature scent.

Because I make my own perfume I could easily be labeled a ‘Green Witch’. Green Witches tend to make a lot of thier own things. We grow our own herbs to make our own oils. We find natural ways to do all the things we do everyday. Shampoo’s, conditioners, cleaners, shaving cream, all of it – made naturally.

We don’t do things ‘naturally’ because we have to. No one told us that because we’re Witches we have to live by a certian code. Most of do it because… well, because we care. We have a strong sense of responsibility to take care of all living things. This includes the earth. We understand the connection between all living things.

Anyway, back to the perfume making! The easiest, and simplest reciepe for making perfumes is simply to buy Essential oils in scents you like, mix, and wear. The down side to this method is…it’s oil. It doesn’t absorb well and you usually end up with oil stains on your clothes. Not my ideal outcome.

The second, and in my opinion best way, includes using the following items:

Essential Oils – a little dab will do you!
2 1/2 Ounce of Vodka
2 teaspoons Spring Water

It only takes a few drops of Essential oils. Especially when you mix several together. The more drops you add the strong the scent but also, the more oily the mix.

If you’re real daring you can make your own Essential Oils. I like making my own but I’m often in a rush. Hazzards of a hectic schedule. There are a lot of sites out there with directions on how to make your own oils. I’d cover that today but I have oils waiting to be turned into perfume! Happy pefuming everyone!


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