Time for All Things

Okay…I’ve been lax in my duties as a writer…and a Witch. I missed Lammas all together, can’t remember the last time I did ritual, and haven’t written a spell in over a month. Work has held me captive! My alter, I’m betting, is dusty by now. A good re-blessing of things is probably in order. And I could really use a good meditation night…

I’ve been living at work of late. A new project has disrupted my daily routine. Unfortunately, everything from the old routine still has to be done. So, it’s double duty and longer days. Thankfully, I always have a trick or two up my sleeve. In this case, spells to control time.

To slow time:

“The time gone by
Now time’s stood still
Let me relive this moments thrill
Then bid it good-bye.

Time Accelerating Spell:

Winds of time gather round
Give me wings to speed my way
Rush me on my journey bound
Let tomorrow become today.

The Time Accelerating spell you might recognize from Charmed. My favorite show of course! Even though it is from a TV show, very few people know that Alyssa Milano is actually a Wicca practioner. The spells written for the show actually work. Not the way they worked in the show of course but, they are affective.

The Time Accelerating one is my favorite to use on Thursday. I highly recommend it! Friday gets here so much faster!

For tonight though, my day has been long, the night to short, and sleep is calling softly with an extra big pillow.

Goodnight my friends, and Blessed Be!

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